Monday, 7 December 2009

VCP4 Exam Prep Workshop

I have developed a unique 1-day VCP4 Exam Preparation Workshop for Global Knowledge UK, designed to give away as many secrets as possible about the VCP4 exam without upsetting the VMware NDA police.

As you will probably know if you've read other posts here or seen me post information online on other sites, I have some excellent connections within the Certification team at VMware, which allows me to have great insight into how the VCP4 exam items are designed and what sort of techniques are best for getting a great score!

I'm in the privileged position of having worked intimately with ESX/vCenter for over 4 years now, and hold all 3 of the VCP certifications possible. I appreciate that most people who attempt the VCP4 exam are not instructors like me, they're generally people who don't get prep time or study time for an exam like I get, people who work with vSphere but aren't expected to recite facts and figures about it like I am.

We start the day by reviewing the exam format and giving lots of study and exam tips, then we go through the all-important exam blueprint, section by section, and ask you over 100 practice questions that I've written myself - and I've tried really hard to pull all the same tricks as the real exam questions will! Each question comes with an explanation of the question and answer(s), and items can be discussed with the instructor and other attendees.

I recommend attending the workshop a few days or so before attempting the real exam, to highlight areas that need improvement, enhance your exam-taking technique, or to provide additional focus as the "big day" gets close.

Feel free to drop me an email if you want to know more....

UPDATE: 20th January 2011
Global Knowledge are now also offering the workshop in a live-online style, and at a time of the day that might be more suitable for you - click here for more.


  1. Hey Scott! This is Mak King - I am a VCP and also an author for Have you thought about offering your exam prep workshop online? I know several people here in the US that would probably sign up immediately.

  2. Hey Scrott! I agree to Mak King. I am a VCP from Germany and know a lot of people who are interested in your exam prep workshop.

  3. Hi Anonymous (8th March, 14:09)

    If you click the link in the UPDATE note at the bottom of the post you will see that we have started offering the workshop in a live-online format, I am delivering the first of these new sessions starting at 5:00pm GMT on March 16th.


  4. Scott any new dates for the workshop?