Sunday, 31 January 2010

Current paths to VCP4

If you read my blog regularly you will most likely be aware of this, the rules for holders of VCP2 and/or VCP3 certifications to obtain the VCP4 have now changed. The state of play as of now is shown below.

If you are a VCP2 holder, or are new to VMware training/certification, you must complete 2 steps to get your VCP4:
1. Complete at least one official vSphere training course:
        - Install, Configure, Manage
        - Fast Track
        - Troubleshooting
2. Pass the VCP-410 exam

If you are a VCP3 holder, or you have completed one of the VI3 courses that qualify for VCP3, you must complete 2 steps to get your VCP4:
1. Complete at least one official vSphere training course
        - What's New
        - Install, Configure, Manage
        - Fast Track
        - Troubleshooting
2. Pass the VCP-410 exam

I have a page on my Think Virtually site which has been updated to show these new paths.

There are other yet-to-be-released vSphere courses that also meet the qualification for VCP4, I will announce the details for them as and when I can.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Global Knowledge UK "Trainer of the Year"

Global Knowledge UK had their annual kick-off event on Saturday in Warwickshire, and I was delighted to win the award of "Trainer of the Year" for 2009. The criteria were related to the quality of course delivery in class, nominations from peers, and the contribution to the business over the year.

I joined Global Knowledge back at the start of 2009 at the same time as the company was appointed as a VMware Authorized Training Center (VATC), and my role has become as much about the work I do outside the classroom as well as the training I deliver in the classroom.

A big part of my job is working closely with the Sales and Marketing functions to grow our presence as a VATC in the UK market for official VMware training. As well as the work I do internally within the company, the public online activities I perform and participate in (such as this blog) have been hugely rewarding personally and beneficial for the company.

Thanks to all my colleagues who have supported me over the last 12 months.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Scott Drummonds behind new vSphere performance course

I've just discovered today that Scott Drummonds from the Performance Marketing team at VMware is the man to thank for the new vSphere: Manage for Performance course which is released shortly. Scott created a new post on his Pivot Point site referring to the course, I've been aware of the course for a while now - I posted this blog entry about it 2 weeks ago (the first time I was allowed to discuss it in public), and it's already listed on my Think Virtually web site (under Training > vSphere Courses) and on the Global Knowledge VMware page (code VSMP).

Scott says that he approached the Education Services team at VMware to design and develop this new course. His day job is around troubleshooting performance issues for VMware customers, and he also works with other members of his team in producing various performance benchmarks and analysis as found on the VMware VROOM! blog, and regularly presents at VMWorld and other events worldwide.

I was already looking forward to delivering this new course, I'm looking forward to it even more now I know that Scott is heavily involved along with other members in his team, I think it gives the course great credibility. I'm attending a VCI-only version of the course in early-March, ready for the full release of the course. Global Knowledge UK already have a number of scheduled dates for this course around the UK.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

New course: vSphere: Skills for Operators

VMware are about to release the vSphere 4 version of the Skills for Operators course, the course outline has already been added to their Education pages and will be added shortly to the VMware page on the Global Knowledge UK site.

Like the equivalent VI3 course, this is a 2-day course which takes the day-to-day tasks from the fuller Install, Configure, Manage course to allow staff in IT Operations the ability to manage VMs on vSphere 4. On the course you'll learn how to create, deploy, modify, monitor and migrate VMs.

The course should be available from March 2010.

First VCDX4 signs

I was sent a survey by VMware last week asking me for my opinions on the vSphere Enterprise Administration exam that will form part of the VCDX4 certification. I completed the survey as requested, and it definitely gives an insight into the content that will form the exam when it is released. The basis for the exam blueprint is clear from the various topics asked about in the survey. Jon Hall from VMware also created a post on the VCP community forum about the survey

I also listened to a 5-month old VMware Communties Roundtable recording (right-click to save the MP3) this week where Jon Hall was asked questions about VCDX4 (as well as VCP4 but that's all old news now). One of the things that Jon said that I hadn't heard before is that VCDX3 holders will only need to pass the vSphere Design exam in order to "upgrade" their certifications to VCDX4. Jon also said that the Enterprise Administration exam for vSphere would be available around now, I can't imagine we're that far away from seeing it - a few weeks perhaps.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Final Reminder for VCP4 2nd-shot promotion

January 15th is the last day that you can apply for the VMware 2nd-shot free re-take promotion for the VCP4 exam for vSphere.

Apply through the VMware Certification site.

If you need the re-take, you must take it on or before January 31st in order for it to be free, which means that your first attempt at the exam must be on or before January 22nd.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

New vSphere Curriculum page added to Think Virtually

I've been working on a graphical representation of the current official vSphere curriculum, to try and show course pre-requisites and help people plan their vSphere training program.

I've added it as a page on my Think Virtually web site, here's the direct link.

I'll be keeping it up-to-date as further courses are released in the next few months.

I deliver all of the courses for Global Knowledge in the UK.

Get 10% off the cost of any VMware exam!

I have a special Pearson Vue voucher code which anyone can use to get a 10% discount off the cost of any VMware exam between now and the end of June 2010!

I can distribute the code to any student I train, so contact me and I can help you get booked on your official vSphere training or VCP Exam Preparation Workshop.

Friday, 8 January 2010

New vSphere scalability and performance courses

VMware have published details of two more vSphere training courses on their Education site.

VMware vSphere: Manage for Performance
This is an advanced 3-day instructor-led course that assumes students have vSphere skills and knowledge to VCP4 level prior to attendance. The course covers all aspects of performance in a virtualized environment, it covers the various performance optimization methods and techniques used within vSphere, along with providing you with the skills/knowledge required to identify and rectify performance problems in all resource areas. Like most VMware courses, it's a 50/50 split between lecture and labs. Here's the full course outline.

VMware vSphere: Manage Scalability
This is a 1-day course that follows-on from the standard Install Configure Manage course, it covers various different aspects of vSphere that are all related to scalability. The specific elements covered are Thin Provisioning, Host Profiles, Distributed Resource Scheduler with Distributed Power Management, vCenter Linked Mode as well as ESX scripted installations. This content also forms part of the Fast Track course. Here's the full course outline.