Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Moderately surprised...

Many of you will know that for a long time now I've been a major contributor to the VMware community forum for Training and Certification, I'm currently "top of the table" on 5580 community points! I'm also a regular contributor and reader of the private Education areas that I get access to as a VCI that enables me to communicate with the folks at VMware about course materials and technical queries.

As of yesterday I became a VMware Communities Moderator, so now I have a Moderator badge against my forum profile to go with my vExpert badge! Moderators are elected twice a year, and whilst anyone can nominate themselves for election, I was nominated from within VMware and the existing moderators, so I was very surprised when I recieved an email inviting me to accept the role - thanks to those who nomintated an elected me :-)

Here's my profile on the community forums:

Moderators are responsible for a number of different tasks on the forums, rather than copy and paste it all into this post, here's a list of the guidelines that I am now asked to follow:

I'm always happy to contribute to the VMware community in numerous ways, and now I have a new way of helping too!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New course - vSphere 5: Fast Track

VMware have just released a new course for vSphere 5, and it's a big one, the Fast Track!

The list of topics covered is the largest yet of any VMware course I've come across, there are 17 course modules and 35 lab exercises covering a huge number of vSphere 5 features. Look inside the content and you'll find all of the material we cover in Install Configure Manage, a lot of the higher-level material from What's New, as well as new material not currently available in any other vSphere 5 courses.

I'm not going to copy and paste the full list of topics here, you can find those in the course datasheet, but here's the modules we cover in this course, the modules that contain material not found in Install Configure Manage are in bold:

- Course Introduction
- Introduction to Virtualization
- Create Virtual Machines
- VMware vCenter Server
- Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks
- Configuring and Managing Virtual Storage
- Virtual Machine Management
- Access and Authentication Control
- Resource Management and Monitoring
- High Availability and Fault Tolerance
- Host Scalability
- Network Scalibility
- Storage Scalability
- Data Protection
- Patch Management
- vSphere Management Assistant
- Installing VMware Components

This course is going to give you the best preparation for the VCP5 certification exam of any official vSphere 5 training available today, and you should definitely consider it instead of Install Configure Manage if VCP5 certification is a primary goal for you or your employer. The course does count towards the training requirement for VCP5.

Be prepared though, although this is still a 5-day course it will take place over extended hours - expect the days to run from 9:00am-7:00pm. If you're completely new to vSphere 5 you might find the pace and volume of material covered a challenge, consider the regular Install Configure Manage course instead.

Global Knowledge UK are running vSphere 5: Fast Track courses, there are a number of dates available now, additional dates will be added in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New course - VCP5 Exam Preparation Workshop

A project I was working on towards the end of 2011 was the Global Knowledge vSphere Exam Preparation Workshop for VCP5. It's a unique 1-day workshop that's designed to maximise your chances of getting the best score possible when you take your VCP5 exam.

I first developed a workshop for VCP4, we've run that in the UK many times over the last couple of years and given attendees a real boost in terms of focus, confidence, readiness, and knowledge.

I have some excellent connections within the Certification team at VMware, which allows me to have a good insight into how the VCP exam items are designed, and I'm now a 4-time VCP after passing the VCP5 exam myself in November 2011 so I have a very good understanding of what is required in terms of not only knowledge but exam technique as well.

We start the day by reviewing the exam format and giving lots of study and exam tips, then we go through the all-important exam blueprint, section by section, and ask you over 100 practice questions that you won't find anywhere else! The practice questions are written in the same style as those in the real exam, and try really hard to pull all the same tricks too! Each question comes with an explanation of the question and answer(s), and of course questions can be discussed with the instructor and other attendees.

I recommend attending the workshop a couple of weeks before attempting the real exam, to highlight areas that need improvement, enhance your exam-taking technique, or to provide additional focus as the "big day" gets close.
Global Knowledge offer the workshop as a 1-day instructor-led event at locations across the UK, some of the scheduled dates are delivered using Webex instead, this page will show you the dates we currently have available.
The workshop also forms part of our VMware Bundles, which are cost-effective ways of attending any required vSphere 5 training, attending the workshop, and also receiving a voucher that covers the cost of the VCP5 exam.

Are you a VCP3 who wants to gain VCP5?

Are you a VCP3 holder who wants to gain VCP5? If so, your options today are:

1. Attend a vSphere: What's New [v5] course and pass the VCP5 exam
2. Attend a vSphere: Install Configure Manage [v5] course and pass the VCP5 exam

The difference between the two options is roughly £1700 (excluding VAT) in course fees, What's New is only a 2-day course whereas Install Configure Manage is a 5-day course.

But, option 1 will only remain an option until 29th February 2012! Global Knowledge are running a number of What's New courses in January and February to help those who want to update their VCP3 to take advantage of this.

The best offer we have includes our unique 1-day VCP5 exam preparation workshop and an exam voucher that pays for the VCP5 exam - the price is almost the same as the What's New course fee alone. Take a look at Bundle 2 on our VMware Bundles page.