Tuesday, 19 April 2011

VCA4-DT Exam Registration is now open

A few days earlier than I previously expected, VMware and Pearson Vue have now opened registration for the final VCA4-DT exam. You can register here: http://www.pearsonvue.com/vmware/schedule

The cost varies from country to country, in the UK the cost is £95+VAT.

Here's a link to all the other VCA4-DT posts on my blog so far, including the link to the exam blueprint: http://vmwaretraining.blogspot.com/search/label/vca-dt

London VMware User Group - May 2011

The next London VMUG takes place on 12th May 2011 at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the May event will be the first to follow a new format:

- It's now an all-day event, with a specific theme - for May it's "Your Journey to the Cloud"
- There are two separate specialist tracks in the afternoon
- You can do some hands-on labs

As always, the VMUG is free to attendees, but you MUST register in advance using the following link:

I've been to the last couple of London VMUGs and they are very good, I presented at the last event in February, and once the day is over there's free beer to be had thanks to VMware or the event sponsor.

I won't be able to make the event this time due to work commitments, but should be able to join everyone at the pub afterwards :-)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Live-online VCP exam prep workshop - April 21st

The next Webex-based delivery of Global Knowledge's exclusive VCP4 Exam Preparation Workshop takes place on Thursday 21st April, starting at 9:30am BST (UK time). As per the online event run last month, I'm delivering the session myself.

Here are two other blog posts about the workshop:
http://vmwaretraining.blogspot.com/2009/12/vcp4-exam-prep-workshop.html http://vmwaretraining.blogspot.com/2011/01/vcp-exam-prep-workshop-new-method-new.html

Before anybody emails me and asks, we do charge for the workshop - it took a good amount of time to produce - I should know, I produced it - and obviously you have my experience with VMware certification exams that you can draw on during the session.

We already have a good number of registrations for the session next week, for more information on the session and to book your place, either email me or click here.

VCA4-DT exam blueprint and release date

VMware have now published v1.0 of the exam blueprint document for their "starter" desktop certification for VMware View - VMware Certified Associate - Desktop, here's the link:

VCA4-DT exam blueprint v1.0 (login required)

The release date for the final exam has also now been confirmed (but not yet officially announced) as April 22nd 2011.

Latest VCAP4 exam blueprints - April 2011

Jon Hall from VMware has published updated versions of the blueprint documents for both the advanced-level vSphere certifications, here's the all-important links:

VCAP4-DCA exam blueprint v1.9
VCAP4-DCD exam blueprint v1.6

I've had a look through both documents, and it's not obvious what's been modified, but as usual with VMware it is recommended to use the latest blueprint documents when starting to prepare for an exam.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Abseil for British Red Cross

Following on from the Wokingham Half Marathon that I completed back in February, I'm doing a 140-foot abseil this Sunday for the British Red Cross - they want to buy a new ambulance, and apparently I want to hang off the side of a building on a very long rope!

I'd be really grateful if you would consider sponsoring me: http://www.justgiving.com/ScottIsMad