Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Two new VMware Security certifications - VCTA and VCP

VMware now offer 2 certifications covering the security features and functions of NSX-T Data Center, Workspace ONE and Carbon Black Cloud:

VMware Certified Technical Associate - Security 2020 (VCTA-Security2020)

This was 1 of 3 new VCTAs launched in September, and will validate your understanding and the ability to provide entry level support of VMware's security solutions.

The certification has 1 hard/mandatory requirement of passing the Associate VMware Security exam, plus a number of recommended training courses to help you learn and prepare.

Learn more on this VCTA-Security 2020 page.

VMware Certified Professional - Security 2020 (VCP-Security 2020)

While we now have the VCTAs, most would consider VCP to remain the "starter" level certification - the new VCP-Security 2020 will validate your knowledge and the ability to administer the security features and functions of the above products.

The VCP has 2 hard/mandatory requirements - you must complete at least one authorised training course and pass the Professional VMware Security exam.

Learn more about the requirements on the VCP-Security 2020 page.