Wednesday, 22 January 2014

VCP5-DCV now updated for vSphere 5.5

Now here's a first: Two different vSphere 5 exams for the VCP5-DCV...

VMware have launched a new exam which is specific to vSphere 5.5, and it has it's own dedicated code with PearsonVUE - VCP550.

As it aligns specifically to vSphere 5.5, the topics covered have also been updated to reflect the latest features - there's coverage of Single Sign-On, the vSphere Web Client, Data Protection, vSphere Replication, vFlash cache, and also vCenter Operations Manager (reflective of the move towards vSphere with Operations Management by VMware and their customers)

As well as being specific to 5.5, the exam format has also been changed to bring it in line with the other VCP exams for Cloud and Desktop - it's now 135 questions in 120 minutes. (The total length of the appointment when booking the exam will shows as 135 minutes as 15 minutes is allocated to a survey)

Passing either exam will achieve VCP5-DCV certification, so those already certified do not need to take the new exam - although they can if they choose.

Josh Andrews from the Certification team has posted a great article on his blog that talks more about the new exam: Link to Josh's blog

Josh mentions that the old VCP510 exam (for 5.0/5.1) and the new VCP550 exam will both be available for a "limited time", although the length of the period isn't stated on his blog post or mentioned anywhere on

My recommendation if you're starting to prepare for your VCP5-DCV certification - get trained on vSphere 5.5 and look to take the VCP550 exam - good luck!