Wednesday, 6 January 2021

January 2021 Update

Happy New Year!

Let us all hope that 2021 doesn't drag us any further away from the lives we knew prior to 2020 - while there are many things we will have learned from the last 12 months I'm certainly missing many of the freedoms I had previously taken for granted...

Anyway, on to business - a summary of updates from the last couple of months in the wonderful world of VMware training and certification!

2021 Certifications

VMware's naming policy has been based on the calendar rather than the software versions for a while now, as with every January the titles of all certifications and specialist badges have been updated for 2021.

Complete the requirements of a certification or specialist badge at any point in 2021 and you'll be awarded the current 2021 title. Remember also that your certifications don't expire - so if you achieve VCP-DCV 2021 that will stay with you next January and beyond.

VCP-DCV exams for vSphere 6.7 - retirement extended

VMware had originally set a retirement date for the Foundations and Professional exams on vSphere 6.7 of December 31st 2020, but these have now been extended by 6 months to June 30th 2021.

For those of you that are skilled in 6.7 or have completed authorised training on 6.7, this gives you a path to achieving VCP-DCV 2021.

New VCAP exams

Available now are 3 new exams for the VCAP-DCV 2021 and VCAP-CMA 2021 certifications based on the latest software versions:

VMTN Communities - Education and Certification area back online

The VMTN forums have been a highly-valuable resource for all of the 15 years I've worked with VMware technologies! VMTN was migrated to a new back-end platform a couple of months ago, after a lot of work the Education and Certification area is now "back in business" - you can post questions or search for previous answers on most of what you would want to know about certification requirements and learning.

Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Two new VMware Security certifications - VCTA and VCP

VMware now offer 2 certifications covering the security features and functions of NSX-T Data Center, Workspace ONE and Carbon Black Cloud:

VMware Certified Technical Associate - Security 2020 (VCTA-Security2020)

This was 1 of 3 new VCTAs launched in September, and will validate your understanding and the ability to provide entry level support of VMware's security solutions.

The certification has 1 hard/mandatory requirement of passing the Associate VMware Security exam, plus a number of recommended training courses to help you learn and prepare.

Learn more on this VCTA-Security 2020 page.

VMware Certified Professional - Security 2020 (VCP-Security 2020)

While we now have the VCTAs, most would consider VCP to remain the "starter" level certification - the new VCP-Security 2020 will validate your knowledge and the ability to administer the security features and functions of the above products.

The VCP has 2 hard/mandatory requirements - you must complete at least one authorised training course and pass the Professional VMware Security exam.

Learn more about the requirements on the VCP-Security 2020 page.

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

New Certifications - VMware Certified Technical Associate (VCTA)

VMware have just released a new "starter" certification level - the VMware Certified Technical Associate (VCTA).

The target audience for the VCTAs is those working in hands-on Day 2 Operations types of roles, these are definitely TECHNICAL certifications even though they sit at the level below VCP - VMware are expecting interest from career changers and those in entry-level technical roles.

As with all the higher-level certifications such as the VCP, there are VCTAs for multiple solution areas - the initial set of released certifications/exams cover:

The VCTA line-up will be completed later for these solution areas:
  • Digital Workspace (DW)
  • Cloud Management & Automation (CMA)
  • Application Modernization (AM)

There is no link between the VCTAs and the higher-level certifications such as VCP - you don't have to complete a VCTA as a VCP pre-requisite or anything like that. There's also no comparison or connection between the VCTAs and the older VMware Certified Associate (VCA) certification.

Each VCTA has a single mandatory requirement - passing an exam. VMware Learning will also be releasing a "recommended" training course for each certification.

Learn more about each of the VCTAs and their exams and training by following the links above, and more generally about VCTA by reading this VMware Learning blog post.

VMware Connect Learning (previously VLZ) - now FREE for 12 months

There have been a couple of branding changes at VMware:

  • VMware Education Services is now known as VMware Learning
  • VMware Learning Zone is now known as VMware Connect Learning

VMware Connect Learning is a huge library of self-paced training and videos which you can use to learn about new technology, new products, new features, or specific use cases. It has Basic and Premium options which work as annual subscriptions - learn more about it here.

There was a promotion started earlier this year which gave a FREE Premium subscription for 6 months - the exciting news (and the reason for this post) is that the promotion has been extended to give a full 12 months access!

There's no reason to wait - the promotion is available til the end of October - head to the subscription page now and sign-up!

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

New VCP track - Modern Applications

VMware have added a new certification track - Modern Applications - a reflection of the strategy to help customers Build, Run, Manage, Connect, and Protect any app on any cloud.

The new VCP for Modern Applications is Spring Certified Professional - it remains to be seen if there will also be higher-level VCAP and VCDX options.

The VCPs for Digital Workspace and Desktop & Mobility have also been consolidated into a single Digital Workspace category on the Certification page - both individual certifications and exams remain, they've just been regrouped.

So there are now 5 categories with a VCP (or higher) level of certification:

  • Data Center Virtualisation (vSphere)
  • Network Virtualisation (NSX)
  • Cloud Management & Automation (vRealize Automation)
  • Digital Workspace (Workspace ONE / Horizon)
  • Modern Applications (Spring)

In addition to the "headline" products for the certifications, every category also includes one or more specialist badges - don't forget to check those out too!

For the Modern Applications category, VMware Certified Master Specialist - Cloud Native 2020 tests Certified Kubernetes Administrators on deploying, securing, and operating a VMware-based applications cluster.

Friday, 31 July 2020

July 2020 Update

Here's my monthly update on the latest news with VMware training and certification!

vSphere 7 exam for VCP-DCV 2020
The Professional vSphere 7.x exam is now live and available for testing. This exam will be key for those taking the most common VMware certification - VCP-DCV.

A few things to note about how the release of this exam affects you if you're working towards your VCP-DCV 2020:

1. If you already hold VCP-DCV 2020 from completing the older vSphere training and exams this year, passing this new exam on vSphere 7 will NOT result in you being awarded any additional certification
2. If you pass this exam as part of working towards your VCP-DCV 2020, you WILL NOT also need to pass a vSphere Foundations exam
3. If you ignore this exam and are working towards your VCP-DCV 2020 with the Professional vSphere 6.7 exam, you WILL also need to pass the vSphere 6.7 Foundations exam
4. The vSphere 6.7 Foundations exam and Professional vSphere 6.7 exam will both be retired at some point, but don't worry yet as there is no date set for their retirement

Read the official news on the exam release.

VMWorld 2020
For the first time, VMWorld goes virtual - and you can attend most sessions for FREE! There are some sessions reserved for those who buy a Premium event pass, but a FREE General pass gives you access to most sessions.

As if that's not already enough of a reason to register, you will also get access to special sessions from the Education Services team AND exam voucher discounts too!

So you really have NOTHING TO LOSE by registering and attending...

More new exams and courses
The Advanced Deploy vSphere 6.7 exam is also now available - this is one of the advanced-level exams for the VCAP-DCV 2020, the older exam based on vSphere 6.5 retires on November 30th.

On demand courses are now available for vCloud Director and vSphere 6.7 > 7.0, plus some new courses for NSX-T and VMware Cloud Foundation - the July announcements page has more information and links.

Regular readers will already know about VMware Learning Zone and the special Premium subscription promotion currently running, new content is released all the time - here's the most notable content for July.

Local and remote testing - COVID-19
For the latest information on testing centre re-opening and remote exams, read this blog post.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

June 2020 Update

Here's a summary of all the June 2020 news from VMware Education Services.

Exam Releases
New exams are available on NSX-T for the VCP-NV 2020 and VCAP-NV 2020, plus there's a new exam on vRealize Automation for the VCP-CMA 2020.

Check this blog post for links to the exam guides.

Course Releases
Lots of new courses are now released on products such as Tanzu, vSphere 7, NSX-T, VMware Cloud on AWS, Horizon, vSAN, and vRealize Lifecycle Manager.

This blog post has details and links of all new courses.

New content in VMware Learning Zone
I mentioned in a previous post about the promotion offering a free 6-month Premium subscription for VMware Learning Zone, this blog post highlights the latest content available.

In addition to the VLZ offer, there are other promotions running within each of the geographical regions - free exam vouchers when you attend certain courses.

Check this blog post for full details.

Remember you can always check the latest promotions on this web page.