Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Combined VCP logos

If you've read my blog before, or have a good awareness of VMware certifications, you should know that VCP (or VCP-DV to use the correct name these days) is specific to a major version of the product.

There are a lot of people around these days who hold more than one VCP certification, including me! I started working with VMware ESX and VirtualCenter back in 2006 and achieved my first VCP in the same year.

One of the benefits of gaining VCP is the right to use the VCP logo on business cards, blogs, etc - but I'd need a business card the size of my iPad to include all my logos! VMware have the ability to create combined logos - a single image file that shows all your VCP versions...

How do you get yours? Well, it's easy - just send an email to certification@vmware.com with your VCP ID and they'll send it back to you. Where's your VCP ID? It's on your myLearn transcript, and your score reports (if you keep them!)

Here's mine: