Wednesday, 10 November 2010

VCAP-DCD beta exam experiences

This is the week where the VCAP-DCD beta exams are being taken around the world, and I've read various items of feedback in the way of blog posts, comments on the VMware community forum, as well as numerous tweets on Twitter.

Here's a list of the key feedback I've come across so far:
VMware community forum post
Chris Dearden's blog post
Jason Boche's blog post
Jeffrey Wolfanger's blog post
Dave Convery's blog post
Rick Scherer's blog post

Remember that all the above links refer to the beta exam - the final exam should be released in the next 6 weeks or so, once the feedback and responses given during the beta process has been collated and analyzed.

Update on November 11th:
Additional blog posts added above

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

VMware training - virtually...

I blogged a little while ago about Global Knowledge starting to offer the vSphere: Install Configure Manage course as an instructor-led, online event - ironically for training on VMware products we describe this as "virtual learning".

We've now broadened our schedule to include a wider set of VMware courses, as well as a selection of CiscoITIL and Prince2 courses - you can find the latest schedule here.

We also have a special promotion running on all virtual learning events - Buy 1 Get 1 Free - more details can be found on the schedule page at the link above.

Fancy a free iPad in time for Christmas?

Everybody knows that the must-have gadget of 2010 is the amazing Apple iPad - I've been an iPod Touch user for about a year now, and I'd absolutely love an iPad - almost every competition in the Solutions Exchange at VMworld Europe had an iPad as a prize!

Would you like an iPad too? How's about if it was free? Interested?

Global Knowledge UK are running a promotion that allows you to get yourself a free iPad in time for Christmas! Think of the possibilities:

- Sell it on ebay and keep the money
- Swap it for Take That tickets
- Give it to a loved one to show you care
- Or, best of all, keep it all for yourself!

There are some T's & C's associated with the promotion, take a look at this Global Knowledge iPad Promotion page to find out more.

Global Knowledge offer new UK-based VCAP-DCA testing centres

The live-lab VCAP-DCA exam has been available for a couple of weeks now, VMware have worked with Pearson VUE to try and offer the exam at many testing centres globally. Most of the current testing centres offering the VCAP-DCA exam as run directly by Pearson themselves, in the UK the only centre where the exam has been available is in Holborn, London.

Something that Global Knowledge have been discussing with VMware is offering the exam at other testing centres in the UK, and around Europe, and I'm glad to be able to announce that three Global Knowledge UK training centres will be able to offer the VCAP-DCA exam:

Global Knowledge London
Global Knowledge Wokingham
Global Knowledge Wakefield

I've also learned that by mid-November, all VCAP-DCA exam bookings will be made directly via Pearson, rather than having to be arranged through VMware.