Thursday, 20 January 2011

VCP Exam Prep Workshop - New method, new times!

Since December 2009, Global Knowledge have been running their own unique VCP Exam Preparation Workshop in the UK for the VCP on vSphere 4, I developed the workshop session myself with the aim of giving people the best chance they had of passing their VCP4 exam. I blogged about the workshop when we first launched it, click on the VCP Workshop tab across the top of the page and you'll be taken there - but don't go there just yet, read on...

Myself and my colleagues have delivered this session many times throughout 2010 and have helped dozens of people do themselves justice on the "big day" when taking their exam. Moving into 2011 we've decided to offer the workshop in new ways on top of the current classroom-based method:

Online delivery
We now offer the workshop as a live-online "virtual" event, so you can participate in the workshop wherever you are worldwide so long as you have a PC, a headset, and a modest internet connection.

Time of delivery
We're running a "virtual" event on Thursday 10th March Wednesday 16th March, this session starts at 5pm GMT - perfect if you're based in the UK or Europe and you need to attend "out of hours", and also if you're based somewhere like the US and you want to be able to participate in an event like this.

Feel free to email me directly if this might be of interest to you, blog readers from the UK should also note that the workshop also forms part of our VCP-related VMware bundles - special pricing for those attending official vSphere training with a view to gaining their VCP or VCAP certifications.

UPDATE: 28th Feb 2011
This session has now been re-arranged for Wednesday 16th March - it's not too late to get yourself booked on!


  1. This is my first glance here and very informative stuff on VM..please make few articles on XEN!!


  2. Hi veenabose, as you can probably tell from the blog title and URL, this blog is specifically related to VMware products. I may start to open up some "sister" blogs in the future around other virtualisation platforms/products. Scott.

  3. Hi Scott ... and greetings from Portugal! :)

    I congratulate "Global Knowledge UK" and you in particular for starting to give these VCP (VMware Certified Professional) Exam Prep Workshop in a live online format, that will have its first session this Wednesday (16th March 2011).

    I have found the page about this Workshop in the Global Knowledge UK web site:

    vSphere Exam Preparation Workshop (VCP4)

    I have also read the "Full Course Description" (PDF) at

    ... but I still have a few questions about it. I'm writing them here, thinking that other people may also be interested in knowing:

    1 - It is mentioned that the course lasts "1 day". But, considering that it starts at 5 PM (GMT - same time in Portugal and in the UK), how many *hours* are we talking about?

    2 - What will be the platform for the Live session? WebEx? Adobe Connect? Live Meeting? Other?

    3 - Will the session be recorded for later viewing?

    4 - Will you "hand out" any materials (in downloadable form) for the "online" attendees (PDFs with study tips? Practice Exams? Videos?)

    5 - I see that the price is "Price: £210.00 (ex. VAT)". What is the price, *including* VAT (or is VAT waived in some cases)?

    6 - Does the session price include any "voucher" for taking the VCP Exam "for free" (or any discount on writing the exam)?

    7 - What is the latest day / time that I can register for the session?

    Thanks! :)

    Best wishes,
    Ricardo Dias Marques

  4. Hi Ricardo, thanks for your comments - let me answer your questions as best as I can:

    1. The session will last for up to 6 hours.
    2. We are using Webex to run the session.
    3. The session is designed to be interactive, so it will not be recorded.
    4. We distribute a PDF to attendees that accompanies the workshop.
    5. That can vary, the current VAT rate in the UK is 20%.
    6. The price is for the workshop only, but the VCP exam currently has a free re-take promo.
    7. We are taking bookings until our close of business on Tuesday March 15th for the event on March 16th. We do have another event arranged for April 21st.

    I hope that you can join the session!


  5. Hi Scott,

    is the retake-chance automatically provided by personvue and how long lasts this promo?


  6. @Heiko, VMware are running their own VCP free re-take promo at the moment, go to for more information. Scott.

  7. When's the next session?

  8. Do you have any other plans to setup more workshops for VCP4?

  9. @Anonymous (Jan 24 2012) - most of what we cover on the day is equally applicable to VCP4.