Thursday, 7 January 2016

Don't allow your VCP certification to expire - here's why!

Don't allow your VCP certification to expire - once it's gone, it's gone forever!

If your VCP certification does expire, it would be like you never gained it in the first place:
  • You would have to meet the regular training requirement for any VCP certification you wanted to obtain.
  • You would not be able to obtain a higher-level VCAP/VCIX certification without first getting a new VCP certification.
  • If you did gain a new VCP certification, your expired VCPs do not become "un-expired" - they would not show as current on your certification transcript.
Remember, you have 2 years from the date that you gained your VCP certification before it expires, and you can recertify by passing a VCP exam or achieving a higher-level certification.

You can view your transcript and expiry dates at any time by logging into your VMware Certification account and clicking the myTranscript link.

VCP550D exam availability extended til end of March 2016

VMware have announced that the VCP550D exam will now remain available til March 31st 2016.

VCP550D allows existing VCP5-DCV holders to recertify and extend the life of their VCP5-DCV for an additional 2 years.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Cool new VCP geographic distribution chart

VMware have published a new infographic showing where in the world the thousands of VCPs are.

As a Brit, I'm glad to see the UK right up there with over 4000.

No surprise that the USA has the highest number though!

Have a look here.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Cisco certification path to NV certifications extended indefinitely

VMware brought in a policy some time ago such that those holding certain Cisco certifications would not have a mandatory NSX training requirement in order to achieve VCP-NV and VCIX-NV certifications - you'd just have to pass the relevant exam and confirm your Cisco certification to VMware.

There was an initial deadline set for this, which had been extended out to January 31st 2016 - VMware have announced today that this path to the NV certifications will remain available indefinitely - great news if you're Cisco certified and you want to get certified in NSX!

Read the announcement here.

Latest VMware Training & Certification News

January 7th 2016
The VCP550D exam for existing VCP5-DCV holders to recertify is now available til March 31st 2016 - have a look here.

December 29th 2015
VMware published a cool infographic showing literally where you can find VCPs - have a look here.

December 16th 2015
Great news for Cisco certification holders who want a certification in NSX - the deadline for being able to bypass any mandatory training has been extended indefinitely.

Read the announcement here.

December 15th 2015
VMware have published 3 blog posts over the last week about the VCAP/VCIX - definitely worth reading if you're interested in those advanced certifications:

Announcement 1 - New program objectives and timelines
Announcement 2 - VCAP certifications are back for v6, and upgrade paths from v5
Announcement 3 - Exam guides, and training/preparation

December 3rd 2015
VMware now have a full complement of Design and Deploy courses for their core technologies:

Cloud Automation

Friday, 11 December 2015

Horizon / Desktop & Mobility Certifications

There are 4 levels of certification for Horizon in the Desktop & Mobility category:

VCIX6-DTM (coming soon)
VCDX6-DTM (coming soon)

Latest news:

NSX / Network Virtualisation Certifications

There are 4 levels of certification for NSX in the Network Virtualisation category:

VCIX6-NV (coming soon)
VCDX6-NV (coming soon)

Latest news:
If you have achieved VCP-NV you will automatically be awarded the VCP6-NV.

The deadline for holders of certain Cisco certification holders bypass the NSX training requirement for NSX certifications is now extended indefinitely.