Tuesday 31 October 2023

Autumn 2023 - new certifications and exams on VCF and VMC on AWS

VMware Learning continue to develop and release exams on the latest technology offerings, here's the detail on exams for two certifications released this month.

VMware Cloud on AWS: Master Specialist 2024

This new exam tests a candidate's ability to deploy, configure, manage and operate a solution based on VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

It is the required exam of the VMware Certified Master Specialist - VMware Cloud on AWS 2023 certification. As this is a higher-level certification, the bar is set high in terms of other requirements.

The exam itself follows a format which should be familiar to many - full details including the Exam Guide can be found here: EXAM 5V0-33.23 VMware Cloud on AWS: Master Specialist 2024.

VMware Cloud Foundation Deployment Specialist

VMware Cloud Foundation is THE platform for EVERY type of workload - from traditional monolithic apps, modern apps based on Kubernetes, and now LLMs for AI.

This exam tests a candidate's understanding of the capabilities of VMware Cloud Foundation and how to successfully plan, deploy, manage, and operate a VMware Cloud Foundation deployment.

No surprises with the exam format, there's no hands-on lab environment that you have to work in - read the Exam Guide and access other information here: EXAM 5V0-31.23 VMware Cloud Foundation Deployment Specialist.

The exam is a required element of the VMware Certified Specialist - VMware Cloud Foundation Deployment 2024 certification.

Tuesday 27 June 2023

New exams for VCAP-DCV Design and VCP-DW

Two more new exams have been released this month, completely unrelated to one another as they are for very different certifications!

Both exams are available to book now - see below for more details, and best of luck if you're considering attempting either of them!

vSphere 8.x Advanced Design

First up is the VMware vSphere 8.x Advanced Design (3V0-21.23) exam which is for the VMware Certified Advanced Professional - Data Center Virtualization Design 2023 (VCAP-DCV Design 2023) certification.

This new exam is based on vSphere 8.x, and until the end of January 2024 it will sit alongside the previous Advanced Design VMware vSphere 7.x (3V0-21.21) exam - giving you the option of passing either the vSphere 7.x exam or vSphere 8.x exam to achieve the same certification, whichever works best for you.

Comparing the exam guide PDFs for the two exams, the new guide has mentions of VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Validated Solutions, plus a focus on topics such as capacity planning, scalability, lifecycle management, availability, performance, security, and recoverability.

Workspace ONE 22.x Professional

The other new release is the VMware Workspace ONE 22.X Professional (2V0-62.23) exam for the VMware Certified Professional - Digital Workspace 2023 certification.

It's been 2 years since the Professional VMware Workspace ONE 21.X (2V0-62.21) exam was released and it will be retired at the end of September 2023, so unless you're already close to being ready to attempt it I would definitely suggest preparing for the new exam rather than the old one.

The exam guide PDF for the new exam has a different structure to the guide for the previous exam, I don't expect a good candidate would find many surprises when looking through the new guide.

Tuesday 6 June 2023

New exam for NSX 4.x

VMware recently released a new exam based on NSX 4.x for the VCP-NV 2023 certification.

The full title is VMware NSX 4.x Professional and the exam code for booking is 2V0-41.23

Until the end of July it sits alongside the previous 3.0 exam, from August 1st only the new 4.x exam will be available to achieve the VCP-NV 2023.

The new exam follows a format which should be familiar to anyone that has taken a Professional exam for a VCP certification:

  • 135 minutes
  • 70 questions
  • 300 scaled passing score
  • US$250 (varies in other currencies)
  • Proctored - either online or at a testing centre
Learn more about the exam objectives and recommended training and resources on the VMware NSX 4.x Professional page.

Wednesday 5 April 2023

Learning platforms for Kubernetes and Tanzu

Want to learn about Kubernetes and/or Tanzu?

VMware has your needs covered, thanks to KubeAcademy and the new Tanzu Academy.

KubeAcademy is a free, product-agnostic Kubernetes and cloud native technology education program built by a team of expert instructors.

Tanzu Academy has both free and paid tiers for you to learn how to build the right platform for your desired outcomes using the various Tanzu offerings.

Use the links above to learn more about each resource, sign-up, and start your learning journey...

Tuesday 28 March 2023

New certifications for VMware Tanzu

With VMware focussing more than ever on being THE platform for applications, and more specifically THE place to host Kubernetes, the Application Modernization family of certifications has two new additions:

VMware Certified Professional - Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations 2023

The latest VCP is on Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations. This certification proves the knowledge of specialists to manage, operate and secure their Kubernetes operations in multi-cloud environments.

As with other VCPs, there are two hard requirements for those who are not already a recent VCP:

  • Completion of training
  • Passing an exam

The training requirement can be met by completing an authorised course on vSphere with Tanzu, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, or Tanzu Mission Control, or a broader Kubernetes Fundamentals and Cluster Operations course.

The exam seems typical for a VCP exam - a mix of single and multiple choice questions, it is proctored, and has a scaled passing score of 300.

Learn more about the certification and all requirements here: VCP - Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations 2023

If you obtained a VCP in 2020 or more recently, the training requirement reverts to being "recommended" therefore optional - how you learn the knowledge and skills needed to pass the exam are up to you.

VMware Tanzu Mission Control Specialist

The other new certification is a "specialist" badge, for those who operate and manage Kubernetes clusters using VMware Tanzu Mission Control.

The hard requirements are:

  • Hold a VCP in either Application Modernization (2022 or 2023) or Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations (2023)
  • Passing an exam
So this badge sits at a level above VCP, while the exam is VCP-like in structure.

Learn more about this badge here: Specialist - Tanzu Mission Control Specialist

Tuesday 21 February 2023

New exams for Horizon, vSAN, and Aria

In addition to the new vSphere 8.x exam for the VCP-DCV which I wrote about recently, VMware have also released 3 other new exams already in 2023:

VCP-DTM 2023

The VCP for Desktop Management focuses on VMware Horizon, the latest exam will run in parallel alongside the previous version til the end of July 2023 when the older exam (released in 2021) retires.

It's not immediately obvious how the new exam differs from the previous one, they both relate to Horizon 8.x and the recommended training for both exams is the same class. It's probably best to prepare for the new exam in case it takes you a while and the older exam retires, get the Exam Guide from the exam page below.

VCP-DTM 2023 certification page

Horizon 8.x Professional exam page

vSAN 2023 Specialist Badge

There is a new exam on vSAN 8.x for this badge, available now. The previous vSAN 7.x exam remains available til the end of July 2023.

vSAN 2023 Specialist badge page

vSAN Specialist v2 exam page

VCAP-CMA Design 2023

The higher-level VCAP Design certification for Aria products (formally vRealize) is now available, the older exam was released in 2021 and expires in July 2023.

The Exam Guide on the exam page below refers to Aria Operations 8.6, Aria Automation 8.10, and Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.8.

VCAP-CMA Design 2023 certification page

Cloud Management and Automation Advanced Design exam page

Good luck if you're preparing for these or any other VMware certifications!

Wednesday 1 February 2023

New VCP-DCV exam - vSphere 8.x Professional

VMware have just released the vSphere 8.x Professional exam.

This exam is associated with the VCP-DCV 2023 certification, either for those new to VCP certification or for those who already hold the VCP-DCV for a previous year.

Here's what we know about the exam:
  • Web page with exam guide: vSphere 8.x Professional
  • Duration: 135 minutes
  • Number of questions: 70
  • Passing score: 300 (scaled)
  • Format: Single and Multiple Choice
  • Delivery: Proctored - either online or in-person
The previous vSphere 7.x Professional exam remains available, it will retire on January 31st 2024 - so you can still achieve VCP-DCV 2023 via vSphere 7.x training and the vSphere 7.x exam if you wish, as well as now having vSphere 8.x as an option.

This new vSphere 8.x exam also enables those who had passed the vSphere 7.x exam to update their VCP-DCV 2020 or VCP-DCV 2021 to the 2023 version in order to meet the pre-requisites for VCAP-DCV Deploy 2023 or VCAP-DCV Design 2023.