Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Retiring VCAP certifications/exams

VMware will be retiring 3 older VCAP exams on September 30th 2018:

VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 — Data Center Virtualization Design (VCAP6-DCV Design)
VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 — Cloud Management and Automation Design (VCAP6-CMA Design)
VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 — Desktop and Mobility Design (VCAP6-DTM Design)

If you wish to achieve any of these certifications, you must pass their respective exams by the date above.

Each of the retiring certifications has a current equivalent, which you should consider working towards:

VCAP6.5-DCV Design
VCAP7-CMA Design
VCAP7-DTM Design

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

VMware Certification Updates - Spring 2018

Wow, it's been an embarrassingly long time since I've posted here! My role at VMware is internal-only, and relentless - meaning that it's difficult to make the time to post updates...

So, here's an attempt at consolidating the most pertinent certification updates - in no particular order!

New Certification: VMware Certified Professional - Digital Workspace 2018 (VCP-DW 2018)
As the boundaries blur between the traditional "desktop" workspace, and the proliferation of mobile devices and apps, VMware have just released a VCP certification centred around Workspace ONE - which I use all day every day as an employee!

Find out more via this blog post, or head directly to the VCP-DW 2018 page here.

New Certification: VMware Certified Associate - Digital Business Transformation (VCA-DBT)
Rather than have a separate VCA certification in each of the 4 main solution areas as was previously the case, there is now just a single VCA on Digital Business Transformation.

As the focus is on digital transformation, there's a broad set of technologies/products/solutions covered - learn more by reading this blog post, and the VCA-DBT page.

Specialist Certifications: vSAN and vRealize Operations
Rather than having full-blown certification tracks for vSAN and vRealize Operations, VMware launched "specialist" certifications for each of these technologies.

vSAN 2017 Specialist
vRealize Operations 2017 Specialist

vSAN is also part of the DCV solution track for VCP/VCAP/VCDX, while vRealize Operations comes under CMA for VCP/VCAP/VCDX.

Bridging Paths for Current VCP Holders
VMware now offer a single exam path to achieving the latest VCPs for the various solution tracks, for those who have a current VCP that is 2 versions behind the latest VCP.

Example: VCP5-DCV holders can go straight to VCP6.5-DCV without having to achieve VCP6-DCV first.

Before these new paths became available, older version VCP holders would need to pass 2 exams, or take a course and pass the same exams as a newbie.

Check this blog post for details, and more examples of how the new paths might apply to you.

A few other topics have been covered by "Certification Insights" blog posts:

Finding Exam Prep Materials
Purchasing Branded Items
Helping to Develop Exams

I will try not to leave it so long til I post again!!

Infographics on VCPs, VCAPs, and now VCDXs

VMware have previously released (and updated) infographics on the global distribution of the VCP and VCAP programs, and now they've done the same for VCDX!

You can read their blog post here, or check out the most recent VCP and VCAP stats.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

VMware Certification Updates - Summer 2017

Here's a summary of recent updates from the VMware Certification team:

New VCAP Design Certifications/Exams
Three new VCAP Design certifications have been released:

There's a 50% discount on these exams if you take them at either VMworld event.

Community Ideas
You can now post "ideas" in the VCP and VCAP areas of the VMTN forums - suggestions that other users can vote on, that will be seen directly by the programs managers at VMware.

Read more here.

Differences Between VCP6.5-DCV Regular and Delta Exams
Compare the objectives in the exam guides for the regular and delta exams for VCP6.5-DCV, and you won't see any difference - does this mean the exam items themselves are the same, or are the delta exam items just a subset of those in the regular exam?

Well, no!

The exams were written by different teams, to slightly different criteria - as the delta exam is only for existing VCP6-DCV holders it is more focused on the upgrade content between vSphere 6.0 and 6.5.

Read more here.

Exam Time!
All "proctored" VMware exams delivered at Pearson VUE testing centres have been extended, giving more time to all candidates.

Read more here.

Sharing Your Certifications
Here are a couple of job aids that will help you share your certifications with recruiters/employers, or your mum!

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

2017 - VCAPs around the world

Remember when VMware published a VCAP infographic in April 2016?

Well, it's time for the 2017 version - check this post here.

There are some quirks in the numbers - the UK shows as 309 on the map, compared to 448 last year, so year on year comparisons are hard - I guess they're showing a different metric this year (people versus certifications perhaps?)

I like the table showing the different solution areas - no surprise that DCV takes the top 2 spots, but it's NV that is a clear 3rd in spite of it's relative lack of maturity - clearly SDN is popular!

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

VMware Community Warrior

I received an email last week from Katie Bradley - she helps to manage the VMTN Community forums.

I'd been nominated and selected to be a Community Warrior, mostly for my contributions on the Training & Certification forum areas over the last 10+ years.

Katie made the announcement via this post on the VMTN blog, and has also created a new Community Warrior Program area within the communities themselves.

You can view my VMTN Community profile here, complete with it's shiny new Community Warrior badge.

Thanks to Katie for all her efforts, and to Jill Liles for the nomination!

Monday, 17 April 2017

New VCP6.5-DCV certification and exams

Well, there's a first - a VCP certification title for a minor version - and it just happens to be the latest VCP for vSphere itself, the VCP6.5-DCV!

You can read about the certification and exams using these links:

VCP6.5-DCV certification
vSphere 6.5 Foundations exam
VCP6.5-DCV exam
VCP6.5-DCV delta exam

We also see a return of PDF-based versions of the exam objectives - formerly known as the "exam blueprint", but now simply called the "exam guide". You can access the 3 guides using the exam page links above.

One thing to note about the Delta exam - it's only for current (not expired) VCP6-DCV holders - NOT VCP5-DCV holders - so essentially it's been created to give the simplest recertification option for active VCP6-DCV holders.

If you already hold a VCP certification, there are various paths available that involve the 3 new exams - check this page to find the right path for you. If you don't find the path that applies to you, click on "New Candidate Requirements" on that page.

Here's the official announcement on the VMware Education & Certification blog.