Wednesday, 12 January 2011

VCAP4-DCD beta results, first VCDX4s

Twitter has gone pretty crazy in the last 24 hours with those reporting that they got their results for the VCAP4-DCD beta exam - well they did eventually! Something odd originally happened at VMware where they were emailing out the results to the wrong people but it looks like it's all been sorted out now!

Some of those that passed are VCDX3 holders, and the VCAP4-DCD is the only element needed to "upgrade" VCDX3 to VCDX4, so we now have our first batch of VCDX4s too!

Here's a collection of some of the many blog posts from those that took the VCAP4-DCD beta exam, and passed:
Justin Paul
Harley Stagner
Jason Boche
Simon Gallagher
Chris Kranz
Colin Barker
Phil Ditzel
Kanuj Behl

Congratulations to all those who've now gained VCAP4-DCD certification, as well as those who've now met the VCDX4 requirements!

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