Saturday, 8 January 2011

VCP exam - VMware needs you!

I read an interesting post this week on the VirtualInsanity blog, asking for feedback from the community for the VCP exam for the next generation release of vSphere - presumably this will be titled vSphere 5 so I would expect that the exam and certification will most commonly be referred to as VCP5.

Thomas Mackay, who wrote the blog post in question, is one of the SME content contributors to the VCP certification exam testing and blueprint process, and is inviting comments on the post that he can feedback to his colleagues in curriculum development at VMware. I've done over 20 Microsoft certification exams in my past, as well as having done all three VCP exams, so I have some ideas of my own which I'm going to add.

You wouldn't be reading this blog unless VMware certification was of interest to you, so read the blog post for youself, and make your contribution.

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