Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New course - vSphere 5: Fast Track

VMware have just released a new course for vSphere 5, and it's a big one, the Fast Track!

The list of topics covered is the largest yet of any VMware course I've come across, there are 17 course modules and 35 lab exercises covering a huge number of vSphere 5 features. Look inside the content and you'll find all of the material we cover in Install Configure Manage, a lot of the higher-level material from What's New, as well as new material not currently available in any other vSphere 5 courses.

I'm not going to copy and paste the full list of topics here, you can find those in the course datasheet, but here's the modules we cover in this course, the modules that contain material not found in Install Configure Manage are in bold:

- Course Introduction
- Introduction to Virtualization
- Create Virtual Machines
- VMware vCenter Server
- Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks
- Configuring and Managing Virtual Storage
- Virtual Machine Management
- Access and Authentication Control
- Resource Management and Monitoring
- High Availability and Fault Tolerance
- Host Scalability
- Network Scalibility
- Storage Scalability
- Data Protection
- Patch Management
- vSphere Management Assistant
- Installing VMware Components

This course is going to give you the best preparation for the VCP5 certification exam of any official vSphere 5 training available today, and you should definitely consider it instead of Install Configure Manage if VCP5 certification is a primary goal for you or your employer. The course does count towards the training requirement for VCP5.

Be prepared though, although this is still a 5-day course it will take place over extended hours - expect the days to run from 9:00am-7:00pm. If you're completely new to vSphere 5 you might find the pace and volume of material covered a challenge, consider the regular Install Configure Manage course instead.

Global Knowledge UK are running vSphere 5: Fast Track courses, there are a number of dates available now, additional dates will be added in the coming weeks.


  1. Hi Scott,
    Quick question. The GK website shows some dates as explicity 4.1. Are the other dates v5?

  2. Yes, all the dates are vSphere 5 unless stated.

  3. I'm wondering whether to take the Fast Track or the Intro to V5. I would like to take (and pass) the VCP to go along with the MCITP:SA and MCITP:DBA that I'm prepping for.

    I haven't used any VMware for years and just toyed with it many years ago. I've use Oracle's Virtual Box, and am about to load vSphere trial onto a server we have to practice with for a project coming up (going to try to create 4 VMs, including one with SQL Server and one as a Remote Desktop (Terminal Server).

    I've taken a LOT of GK courses (I took 11 in 2011 alone!) and 7 of the 11 I took as Online Live courses, and I like that environment (and it's cheaper and at home).

    Given that I'm used to GK courses (which typically cram TOO much into the time they alot, especially for labs, and the wasted first 2 hours saying hello and how to use the online class, but I digress...), And given that I hope to "play/practice" with ESXi and vSphere ahead of time, would you recommend in my case to go ahead and plunge into the Fast Track?


  4. @Anonymous (Jan 30 2012) - you have a very healthy training budget! I can't really add much more to what I said in the main body of this post - the extra material and labs over and above the Install Configure Manage course make the days long, but Fast Track is better in terms of VCP readiness. Scott.

  5. I finished day two of the course today, my head has not exploded yet....

    I do wish there was a NFR in there somewhere considering the cost of the course.

    I build a home lab prior to the course and the clock is ticking on the timed software for it.

    Five days of access to everything and then its hard vacuum unless you build a lab and then the software goes out like a space station with a leak.

    There has to be a better way VMware...

  6. hi am puneet i have completed B.E in computer science M interested in vmware course if i do this course how is chance of getting job in this field please help me

    1. How are you planning on gaining experience? Qualifications/certifications alone might get you a low-level job, but that's typically all...

  7. So what did you all think about the fast track course? Was it too much info and too long? I'm not sure I can dedicate being away from the family from 7am (leave house) to 8pm (arrive home) for 5 days straight. If I do the class online I fear I won't be able to truly interact with the teacher as much. I'd like to get the VCP5 certification, but it's not critical at this time. I'm mainly taking this class because I've managed vmware for about a year but only for what I HAVE to do. I want to get a better understanding of what I'm doing and better decision making in designing new environments.

    1. Fast Track has the best alignment to the VCP5-DCV exam, but it is not the only qualifying class - you could take the Install Configure Manage class, the days are shorter but as the main post above suggests you won't cover as much as you would in Fast Track. Your experience will help with Fast Track, but I guess it depends what things you have already learned against the material in the class...

  8. I am studying the official guide to vcp by Bill Ferguson. But I am a student with no job experience. However, I pretty much understood the content of the book. Is this book enough along with the fastrack class for passing the exam ?

    1. The content of the vSphere 5.5: Fast Track class is aligned closely to the exam objectives of the VCP550 exam. However, having a VCP with no experience may only be of limited benefit in your local job market - I would focus more on efforts to build your experience.