Friday, 8 January 2010

New vSphere scalability and performance courses

VMware have published details of two more vSphere training courses on their Education site.

VMware vSphere: Manage for Performance
This is an advanced 3-day instructor-led course that assumes students have vSphere skills and knowledge to VCP4 level prior to attendance. The course covers all aspects of performance in a virtualized environment, it covers the various performance optimization methods and techniques used within vSphere, along with providing you with the skills/knowledge required to identify and rectify performance problems in all resource areas. Like most VMware courses, it's a 50/50 split between lecture and labs. Here's the full course outline.

VMware vSphere: Manage Scalability
This is a 1-day course that follows-on from the standard Install Configure Manage course, it covers various different aspects of vSphere that are all related to scalability. The specific elements covered are Thin Provisioning, Host Profiles, Distributed Resource Scheduler with Distributed Power Management, vCenter Linked Mode as well as ESX scripted installations. This content also forms part of the Fast Track course. Here's the full course outline.

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