Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Update your VCP4 to VCP5

Following the launch of vSphere 5 on July 12th, VMware have started to release information about how invididuals can update their certification to VCP5. If you're already a VCP4 holder, you can update your certification to VCP5 by passing the VCP5 exam once it becomes available.

Until February 29th 2012, VCP4 holders were not required to attend any vSphere 5 training course in order to qualify for updating their certification, but from March 1st 2012 attendance of the vSphere 5: What's New course is compulsory for those wanting to update their certification to VCP5.

VMware have already added a VCP5 page to their site, complete with the exam blueprint and mock exam, more about that on this blog post: New certification: VCP5


  1. I want the info about how to go for VCP 5 as i already VCP 410 certified

    Please suggest

  2. @R, click the VCP5 tab towards the top of the page. Scott

  3. hi!
    I am new to this vcp4 or vcp5.
    tell everything regarding this in detail.
    like how can i start, where to start, what read? etc

    any thing will be much needed...

    devesh sharma

  4. @Devesh - I would advise following the path to VCP5, click the VCP5 tab towards the top of the page for lots of useful information. Scott.