Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Gaining VCP4 and VCP5

VCP4 has essentially been the "industry standard" virtualisation certification since it was first released back in 2009, and there are thousands of individuals who already hold the certification. I train people all the time who want to gain VCP4, but now VMware have launched vSphere 5 it won't be too long til VCP5 certification becomes available.

If you've yet to train on vSphere 4 and want to gain both VCP4 and VCP5 certifications, here's the path that you need to follow:

Note that from March 1st 2012, attendance of the vSphere 5: What's New course is no longer optional for a VCP4 to achieve VCP5.

VMware have already added a number of VCP5-related resources to their site, more information on that can be found on this blog post: New certification: VCP5


  1. Hi Scott,

    This is Mandeep Singh from India. I was preparing for VCP4.1 and when I enquired for an official cource, I was told that VCP4.1 is not available anymore and I need to go for VCP5. My question here is if I can go for VCP 4.1 exam after that going through the VCP5 official training as I am sure of one thing that VCP4.1 exam is still available.

    Please Help.

    Thanks in Advance

  2. I took the VCP4 exam and passed. However, I've not been able to take the courses because I simply don't have the money nor does the employer.

    The Troubleshooting class [4] is the cheapest at $3295. Ideally I would like to take the fast track class but that is $5100. Let's not forget lodging.

  3. @Mandeep, vSphere 4 training courses are being removed from the schedules of training providers, they are switching to offering vSphere 5 courses instead. vSphere 5 training will only qualify you for VCP5 certification though, not VCP4 certification. Scott.

  4. @Anonymous, unfortunately for you every single VCP in the world has gone through at least one official training course, so you'll have to meet that requirement too if you want VCP certification. Scott.

  5. I am VCP4 and had attended the VCP 5 exam on 27th of feb but unfortunately could not able to pass
    the exam.

    Now can I gave the exam again as I have attempted it and was not able to pass the same.

  6. Hi Scott request you to please guide me on my above issue of reattending the vspher 510 without attending the vsphere course. As I wanted to take a desicion on the same.

  7. @Anonymous (Mar 23, Mar 25) - you will have to attend a vSphere 5 course to qualify yourself for VCP5 certification now as you missed the Feb 29 deadline. I'd recommend you look a the 2-day "What's New" course - it will count towards you qualifying for VCP5 and is ideal for VCP4s who only need to focus on the enhancements and new features in vSphere 5.