Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I'm a VCAP4-DCA :-)

I was just heading deep underground to get the Waterloo & City line train last night when my Blackberry buzzed to tell me I had a new email, I waited til I was on the platform waiting for the train to come and thought I'd check to see what my email was - it was from VMware Certification thanking me for my participation in the VCAP-DCA exam, my score report was attached in a PDF...

All I had to do now was view the attachment, which due to a complete lack of signal my Blackberry couldn't open!!! Now it's only a 4 minute journey to Waterloo, but it felt like it took 20! I couldn't wait to get off the train, up the escalator, and on to the station concourse - finally the signal returned and I could open the PDF - I passed!

I'm delighted to now be a VCAP4-DCA, I posted my review of the exam recently and it was tough - it was a great relief to know that the preparation work was worth doing!

Now I've just got to wait to find out my VCAP4-DCA number...

UPDATE: I'm VCAP4-DCA number 319 :-)


  1. Scott,

    Fantasic news and I know what the wait is like! You are lucky you could view the PDF on your Blackberry, I received my email on standard Nokia phone which couldn't even view the attachment.

  2. Congratulations Scott!!

  3. Congrats Scott! I am hoping to be able to say the same thing one day soon!

  4. Congrats Scott! Well done indeed

  5. Great Scott ! Congratulations !

    do you have any suggestion for learning material ? I am looking for learning material to start studing for the test .

    thx in advance !


  6. @Pitbull, there are links to some learning resources in the exam review I posted - I even created a link to the review in the main body of this blog post. Scott.

  7. is VCAP5 available? show one wait for it? or give VCAp4? thx

  8. @Anonymous (27th November) - the VCAP5 exams are not currently available - they both still have to go through a beta process so I doubt they will be available in the next couple of months. Scott.