Wednesday, 10 February 2010

vSphere Curriculum - Feb 2010

Regular readers will be aware that I always announce new VMware training courses as and when I'm allowed to, I have access to the education and certification roadmaps so I always have advance notification of what's coming and roughly when, but as I'm a good boy I only post what VMware tell me I can! I can say that this is going to be a busy year for me, lots of new courses to master and deliver, and some new certifications too...

I created a graphic recently for my Think Virtually site that show's the vSphere curriculum that's either currently available, or will be in the next few weeks. It also gives people the opportunity to map out their own training path, and to show how the follow-on courses fit together:

We've got even more new courses coming in the next few months, for example a Security course for vSphere, and another on Automation - and it goes without saying that I will be announcing more details on those when I can, along with the various new certification paths. Watch this space....

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