Wednesday, 3 February 2010

VMware Consulting and Training Credits

The Consulting and Training Credits (also known as PSO Credits) system operated by VMware allows organizations to use credits to purchase professional services and training directly from VMware - what a lot of organizations don't appreciate that VATCs such as Global Knowledge UK also accept payment for official VMware training courses using credits too.

The credits themselves can be purchased directly from VMware, but many VMware customers also receive a number of credits automatically as part of purchasing software licenses for vSphere. The credits expire 1 year after they are issued, and VMware operate a "use them or lose them" policy, so any organization that has credits should definintely consider using them against official VMware training.

Global Knowledge UK accept VMware credits against all their official VMware courses.


  1. VMware give credits with the purchase of software licensing? Are you talking about when you purchase the packages, or if I just add a license do they give credits with that also?

  2. Yes, but not all purchases come with credits. Check with the contact within your organization who manages your licenses with VMware, they should be able to tell you whether you have credits, and if so, how many you have.

  3. I really like how they said "use them or lose them", I always forget to use my credits and this sentence made me laugh ... :)

  4. Hi Scott,

    Am trying to find the training credits on VMware store but with no luck, can you please guide me to add them to my basket?

    Am planing to achieve my first VCP (VCP5-DCV) and want to enrol for vSphere fast track V5.1, it's a bit expensive here in UAE so I was wondering if I get the training credits by my own it that going to save me some money?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi,

      Training in the UAE is delivered by VATCs such as Global Knowledge - they do normally accept credits as payment but I can't guarantee it would be cheaper to use credits - I'm told it can be sometimes but not always.

      So, I would talk to your local VATCs first.

      If you decide to use credits you can order them by emailing

      I hope that helps.