Thursday, 11 February 2010

VCP4 holders get their Workstation 7 key, and the new logo

VMware have started the process today of emailing out the license keys for Workstation 7 to those who have passed the VCP4 - all 15,000+ individuals! This applies to anyone who has obtained VCP4, regardless of any VCP certification on previous versions. You'd better log into your email to see if yours has arrived yet...

The new VCP logo is also available for download from the secure VCP area on the VMware web site - you get sent the login details for the area with your VCP Welcome Pack.

Update (Feb 12th, 09:00): I've just heard that new VCP3 holders will also get a key for Workstation 7, not Workstation 6 as was previously the case - note this only applies to NEW VCP3 and VCP4 holders, existing VCP3s will only get a key if they gain VCP4.


  1. Hey Scott, I have followed the link for the logo's and receive a page not found error message.


  2. Hi Kev, try this direct link to the logos:

  3. Thanks Scott, they've missed the s in from their link.

  4. Hi Scott,

    I am not able to download the VCP4 Logos from the link

  5. Hi vravikumar1979, they must have moved the file. Try clicking through to the secure VCP area at