Friday, 22 October 2010

VCAP4-DCD beta exam

Emails have been going out in the last day or so inviting people to register for the VCAP4-DCD exam - passing this exam brings the VCAP4-DCD certification, lets you work towards VCDX4, and is also the exam that the current VCDX3 holders need to pass to gain VCDX4 status.

The beta period is short, November 8th-12th, and slots are filling incredibly quickly - I know of one guy in the UK who has had to schedule his in Amsterdam...

VMware are only offering the beta exam through the same testing centres as those currently enabled for the VCAP4-DCA exam - I've been assured by numerous people at VMware that the final VCAP4-DCD exam will be available at all testing centres.

If you want to try and register for the beta exam, send an email asap to and include your VCP ID.


  1. Hi Scott,

    This is Arun and am a VCP on vSphere.
    I have a query about the VCAP-DCD beta exam. If I pass this exam, then does that imply that I need not sit for the VCAP-DCD exam when it is released in future.

  2. Hi Arun,

    Pass the beta or final DCD exam, and you will be awarded the VCAP-DCD certification. VMware don't distinguish between beta and final exams - the same was true for VCP and VCAP-DCA.


  3. Hi Scott,

    Is there any available materials other than the VMWare courses (which are expensive) that can be useful in preparing for the VCAP-DCD?