Wednesday, 14 July 2010

New group on LinkedIn

I've been using LinkedIn for quite a while now, and have built up a decent number of connections from all over the world, I'm a member of quite a few groups on there too such as the VCI, VCP and new VCAP groups.

I'm not sure why I've done this today in particular, but I decided to create my own group, titled VMware Training and Certification - can you see what I've done with the name there? ;-)

The idea is to take the blog out to somewhere new, you'll already find me on both Twitter and Facebook so it seemed logical to use LinkedIn as another place to pass information out to my connections and open up a new way to interact further with those who have an interest in VMware certification and training courses.

I'm fairly open in terms of membership of the group, I have invited a number of my LinkedIn connections today and I'm glad to see some of them have already joined. See you there!

Update - July 19th
Wow, the group already has over 100 members - thanks to all those who've joined! I've added a couple of new discussions too - take a look and contribute...

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