Tuesday, 28 September 2021

New and updated Cloud Management and Automation exams

VMware recently released 2 new exams for different Cloud Management and Automation certifications:

VMware Certified Technical Associate - Cloud Management and Automation 2021 (VCTA-CMA 2021)

This is the new foundation-level certification for VMware's vRealize Cloud Universal offering, and how it can be used within both the data center and the cloud.

There is no "hard" training requirement, but there is a "core technical skills" course which is recommended as it was created specifically for the VCTA-CMA 2021 exam.

The exam tests on a knowledge of a typical VMware cloud architecture, the role of the vRealize Cloud Universal products, plus monitoring and basic administration.

Learn more about the certification and the exam here: VCTA-CMA 2021

VMware Certified Professional - Cloud Management and Automation 2021 (VCP-CMA 2021)

This is not a new certification, but it now has a new exam option based on vRealize Automation 8.3 in addition to the older 8.1 exam.

Learn more about the new 8.3 exam here: Professional VMware vRealize Automation 8.3

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