Wednesday, 6 January 2021

January 2021 Update

Happy New Year!

Let us all hope that 2021 doesn't drag us any further away from the lives we knew prior to 2020 - while there are many things we will have learned from the last 12 months I'm certainly missing many of the freedoms I had previously taken for granted...

Anyway, on to business - a summary of updates from the last couple of months in the wonderful world of VMware training and certification!

2021 Certifications

VMware's naming policy has been based on the calendar rather than the software versions for a while now, as with every January the titles of all certifications and specialist badges have been updated for 2021.

Complete the requirements of a certification or specialist badge at any point in 2021 and you'll be awarded the current 2021 title. Remember also that your certifications don't expire - so if you achieve VCP-DCV 2021 that will stay with you next January and beyond.

VCP-DCV exams for vSphere 6.7 - retirement extended

VMware had originally set a retirement date for the Foundations and Professional exams on vSphere 6.7 of December 31st 2020, but these have now been extended by 6 months to June 30th 2021.

For those of you that are skilled in 6.7 or have completed authorised training on 6.7, this gives you a path to achieving VCP-DCV 2021.

New VCAP exams

Available now are 3 new exams for the VCAP-DCV 2021 and VCAP-CMA 2021 certifications based on the latest software versions:

VMTN Communities - Education and Certification area back online

The VMTN forums have been a highly-valuable resource for all of the 15 years I've worked with VMware technologies! VMTN was migrated to a new back-end platform a couple of months ago, after a lot of work the Education and Certification area is now "back in business" - you can post questions or search for previous answers on most of what you would want to know about certification requirements and learning.

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