Friday, 4 January 2019

VCP 2019 Updates

It's January - time for the new 2019 versions of each of the VCPs to be defined - so here goes!

From January 16th, each of the existing version VCP exams will be available with a new code - passing one (and meeting all other requirements) will achieve the 2019 VCP.

Exams will also be released for the latest versions of each of the main products for each of the VCPs:

January 24th
vSphere 6.7 exam for VCP-DCV 2019

February 28th
Horizon 7.6 exam for VCP-DTM 2019
Workspace ONE exam for VCP-DW 2019

NSX-V 6.4 exam for VCP-NV 2019

NSX-T exam for VCP-NV 2019
vRA 7.5 exam for VCP-CMA 2019

Like any period where major changes are made, the initial release and transition can be a little confusing - check this blog post for the official announcement.

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