Thursday, 19 April 2012

Useful VCAP5-DCA blog links

The beta version of the VCAP5-DCA exam will be available to take shortly, I have had to decline the invitation to participate but those that have accepted have been issued the beta version of the exam blueprint.

A number of bloggers are amongst those who will be taking the VCAP5-DCA beta exam in the coming weeks, some have been given permission by VMware to blog ahead of the beta exam:

This post contains a downloadable checklist, based on the exam blueprint, get preparing and get those boxes ticked:

Chris Wahl

Here's some other useful blog links for VCAP5-DCA:

The Foglite
Thinking Loud on Cloud

Beta exam experiences:

Patrick Kremer

I will update this post over time as I discover blog posts from those that have take the beta exam.

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  1. Thanks Scott =0) Both Ed and I have also started breaking down the blueprints. Mine is very much an addition to Ed and Kendricks VCAP4 blueprint breaksdowns with new stuff for the VCAP5