Monday, 3 October 2011

VCP4 information and preparation

This post collects together a variety of VCP4-related posts from my blog since the launch of the exam back in 2009.

Core information
Studying for the VCP4 exam
Review of the VCP4 exam
Is the exam related to vSphere 4.0 or 4.1?
Gaining VCP4 and VCP5
Recertification policy

Building a home lab
Exam preparation workshop
Training paths for VCP4
vSphere course suitability for VCP4 exam

Updating your certification
Is it worth doing vSphere 4 certifications?
Update your VCP4 to VCP5


  1. Do you know when is the last date you can sit for your VCP4 testing?

  2. @Anonymous, the retirement date has not yet been announced. Scott.

  3. @Anonymous , No end date has been announced by Vmware for VCP 4.

  4. Hi. My VCP410-manage-install-course was in autumn 2010. But now I want to get certification on it. The last little memories from the course was an "Blueprint" and another list with "Maximum-Configurations".
    So it seems to me, i had to start from the ground, is it possible to get ready for the exam only with official dox and doing some labs? thx for your estimation!

  5. @Anonymous (Jan 11, 2012) - I'd suggest you follow some of the links in the main post.

  6. can I know the exam fee for VCP 4

  7. @lakshmi, pricing varies depending on which country you book the exam in, you can book all VMware exams here: