Monday, 21 June 2010

VCAP4-DCA exam - beta feedback

I was invited a couple of weeks ago to sit the beta version of the new VCAP4-DCA exam, my work schedule has prevented me from taking it, and even though VMware asked me if I would be able to take it if the beta period was extended I just don't have the time - my day job getting in the way... but hey, it's good to be busy!

I read a couple of blog posts today from others who have taken the beta exam, and it sounds just like I would expect it to given my previous VCP exam experiences and the VI3 Enterprise Admin exam from the VCDX3 program.

Here's the blog posts:
Chris Dearden:
William Lam:

I'll be waiting now to take the final exam when it is launched in July. I'm also developing some ideas to help those wanting to take the exam - check back around the date that the exam launches for more news on that...

Update - June 22nd
Here's another review of the beta exam from Jason Boche:

Update - June 30th
Duncan Epping from Yellow Bricks has posted his feedback too:

Update - July 11th
Dave Convery over at Daily Hypervisor has posted his feedback:


  1. Scott how would you describe the VI3 Enterprise Admin live lab environment ? was it quite functional or did you felt it struggled a bit ?

  2. Hi Chris, it was fine when I did it, but then I use the same VMware lab kit sometimes when delivering training, so I'm used to it maybe...

    Nice write-up by the way :-)

  3. Scott, Do you know if anyone has started a Study Guide based on the blueprint? Like what Simon Long and a few other people did for the VCP4?

  4. @Anonymous, I haven't seen one yet, it will be tough to produce a study guide for an exam that's exclusively live labs though...