Monday, 6 April 2009

VCP on VI3

Something that comes up in conversation an awful lot is the current VCP exam, so here's a list of some important points about the exam that may help any potential takers:

  • You get asked 75 questions
  • You have 90 minutes to answer the questions
  • You have to get a score of 70 or better to pass
  • The questions are weighted, so some score more points than others
  • You have to go to a Pearson Vue testing centre to take the exam (such as all the Global Knowledge UK training centres!!)
  • The Install & Configure course is the best match to the exam
  • You do have to attend an official course to be a VCP
  • You can take the exam without attending an official course, but you won't be a VCP
  • Roughly 85% of takers pass first time

Here's a few other nuggets of information I've picked up from VMware:

  • The UK has more VCPs than any other country in EMEA
  • EMEA has more VCPs that any other region (including North America!!)
  • There are more than 25000 VCPs worldwide

If you want some exam coaching, there is an Exam Preparation Workshop, delivered by one of the Global Knowledge VMware instructors - the biggest selling point is that we have to pass the exam with a score of at least 85!

If you want to know more, here's the link:



  1. Hi Scott,

    I'm based in the UK and wondered if you knew if VMware will be running any VI3 courses outside UK business hours anytime soon. I know they used to run a flex online course over weekends and outside UK business hours, but i haven't seen one for a while.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Hi Paul,

    As you know I work for Global Knowledge rather than VMware, but my understanding is that the Flex Online is something that hasn't happened for a while now.

    Pop an email to and see if they can advise. I will also email some of my contacts to see if I can find out more.