Thursday, 30 April 2009

How do you get to be a VCP on vSphere 4?

VMware have now officially announced the variety of ways in which people can obtain the new VCP on vSphere 4 certification. As I mentioned in previous posts, the path for each person depends on whether they've attended official VI3 training (like we provide at Global Knowledge) and/or their current status as a VCP.

The various "upgrade" paths are:

Current VCP on VI3 (until 31st December 2009)
1. Pass the VCP on vSphere 4 exam - either attend the vSphere 4 : What's New course to gain the necessary skills and knowledge, or self-study

Current VCP on VI3 (from 1st January 2010)
1. Attend the vSphere 4 : What's New course
2. Pass the VCP on vSphere 4 exam

Attended official VI3 course, but not yet taken VCP on VI3 exam
1. Pass the VCP on VI3 exam (only available until early 2010) OR attend the vSphere 4 : What's New course
2. Pass the VCP on vSphere 4 exam
Current VCP on ESX 2.x (until 31st December 2009)
1. Pass the VCP on VI3 exam
2. Pass the VCP on vSphere 4 exam
Current VCP on ESX 2.x (from 1st January 2010)
1. Pass the VCP on VI3 exam (only available until early 2010)
2. Attend the vSphere 4 : What's New course
3. Pass the VCP on vSphere 4 exam
None of the above
1. Attend the vSphere 4 : Install Configure Manage or vSphere 4 : Fast Track courses
2. Pass the VCP on vSphere 4 exam
Phew, I think that's it all covered!


  1. Scott,

    quick question, if I may, just to ensure I have this right.
    I've recently completed the Fast Track for VCP on VI3, and will be sitting the exam at the end of the month. If I'm reading what you've said correctly, all I need to do is do some self-study and then sit the exam for VCP on vSphere 4?


  2. Hi Matt,

    Yes, until the end of 2009 when VMware remove the "short-cut" path, you will only need to pass the VCP on vSphere 4 exam to update your certification.

    Unless you are going to be working a lot with vSphere 4, or are disciplined and effective with self-study, it would be useful to attend the "What's New" 2-day course as I've also highlighted.


  3. Hi Scott,

    There are a couple of us in the office currently on VCP, do you think that it would be ok for us to do one of the "whats new courses" online and have us gathered around the monitor etc? judging by what you have written VMware dont care if you do it or not?



  4. Hi Dave,

    Technically you could do that I suppose, but it's really against the spirit of an online course, it may even be illegal in some way as far as I know....

    You are right that if you are an existing VCP (on VI3) then the course is not compulsory - you can just take the VCP on vSphere 4 exam once it's available. I doubt that the course content alone would be sufficient to pass the exam, you'll need to study from the vSphere 4 documentation once it becomes available.

    One other thing to bear in mind, the What's New course is currently available to all channel partners, is run with beta software, and as such can be booked at a rather attractive discount. Once the software goes GA, and the course switched over to a full version at the end of June, discounting will change.


  5. Hi Scott,

    yes i take your points. Obviously reading the docs and many hours of playing will be needed before the exam.

    Anyway - seems there is a slight snag, looks like the online courses are all PST time and not-old fashioned blighty compatible GMT! Gahhh...


  6. Hi Scott

    I am a current VCP on VI3 and plan to take the exam before December 31st. Will this be the full VCP exam, or is it just an upgrade exam?

    Thanks - Lee

  7. Hi Lee, there won't be an upgrade exam, just the full VS4 VCP exam. Scott.

  8. Can anybody confirm that the VCP4 exam now bases it's questions and associated answers on vSphere v4 Update1?

  9. Hi Anon, the exam questions have not yet been updated for Update 1:

  10. Hi Scott;

    I have attended an Install and configure course on VI3 and never took my VCP3. Howerver; I was planning to take it in mid January. I believe I am misunderstanding you post. Do I have to take the what New course? Or can I go straight to the VCP4 Cerification?


  11. Hi Matt, I replied to the email you sent me.

    The VCP3 exam is still available until March 31st 2010, so you can take it mid-January. If you do that in January, and pass, but want the VCP4 as well you will have to attend a vSphere course such as What's New.

    The only way of avoiding the vSphere course attendance would be to pass the VCP3 and VCP4 exams before the end of 2009 - a big ask at this late stage in the year.


  12. Hi Scott,
    for your Information about VCP 3 Update

    End Date is now January 31st 2010. Take a look @

    Greetings Roman

  13. Hi Roman,

    I know, see this post:


  14. Hi Scott,
    I am a VCP 3.0, and one of my distis told be that I can take the Online version of "Whats New" Course. I have tried to search for more information, but can not find it on the VMWare site. Do you know where I can find it.


  15. Hi Nawaid,

    The only online What's New course that would qualify you for VCP4 is a live-online instructor-led course such as those run by VMware:

    There is also a self-paced "What's New" course, but that DOES NOT qualify you for VCP4.


  16. Hi Scott,

    Quick question.

    I took the VI3 Training cource back in 2008 and never got certified. Now If I want to get get VCP in VI4 what is the best route with retaking the training course.

    Can I do VCP 3 now and then take VCP 4 ? Is this option still available ?

    Please advice.


  17. Hi Anil,

    You will have to attend at least the vSphere: What's New course in order to qualify for VCP4. The VCP3 exam is no longer available.