Monday, 20 April 2009

vSphere VCP and Courses

I've been sent two separate emails by VMware today asking me for my opinion on:

1. The VCP on vSphere
2. The Fast Track training course content for vSphere

Tomorrow is the announcement of the release date, and it's great to hear from both the Certification and Education teams at VMware to know that they're gearing up to vSphere too :-)


  1. Could you outline your responses? I'd still be interested in some dates for the VCP4 courses as soon as you have insight. Is June still likely to be too soon?

    Thanks, A

  2. The Certification Manager at VMware emailed me a survey which asked me about the potential content for the VCP on vSphere 4.

    VMware Education wanted to know my thoughts on the content of the new Fast Track course for vSphere.

    I should find out in the next week or so when the new courses and exam should be available, and I'll definitely post that here when I'm allowed to :-)

  3. Hi Scott

    If I already have a VCP on VI3 do I have to take the VMware vSphere course to upgrade to the VCP on vSphere?

    Or is there just an upgrade exam that I can take?

    David Davis
    vExpert, VCP, CCIE - VMware ESX video training

  4. Hi David,

    Until 31st December 2009, you will just have to pass the VCP on vSphere 4 exam. After that date, it will be compulsory to attend the What's New course on vSphere 4.

    People are welcome to attend What's New regardless, to gain the necessary skills and knowledge of vSphere 4.


  5. I am interested in getting the VCP. I think it has a prerequisite of taking a class.?

    I cant spare the time to sit through a week long instructor led class nor can I afford that.

    Is there a video training series that satisfy that.? So I can take the exam.?

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    Yes, to qualify for VCP4 you will have to attend either the vSphere: Install Configure Manage or vSphere: Fast Track course.

    There is video-based training available, but it will not satisfy the requirement for the VCP.


  7. What is the cheapest course that will satisfy the requirement.? I think I can still get v3 then upgrade later right.?

  8. If you've yet to attend a course you will struggle to get VCP3 now - the exam retires at the end of 2009.

    I would advise going straight to VCP4, and the vSphere: Install Configure Manage would be the cheaper of the two courses.

    If you do want to do the VCP3, the cheapest course would be VI3: Install & Configure, but as I said you'll have to be quick to get it all done in the next 6 weeks!