Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Now I am the Master

Something I predicted would happen a long time ago is actually going to happen after all.....

We've had the VCP for a long time now, we've just about got the VCDX too, but there's an enormous gap in the middle:

Nothing has been announced officially on this yet, but the "gap" is going to be filled by a "Master VCP" certification for those who complete 2 steps:

1. The current VCP

2. The Enterprise Admin exam which is currently step 2 of the VCDX

Quite how the exam will be run, and where you'll be able to take it, is yet to be determined, but expect the cost to be £250+VAT. The exam is part multiple-choice questions and part hands-on lab, and I'm actually taking it in 2 days time (I'm registered for the full VCDX) so hopefully I'll meet the requirements as soon as the "Master VCP" is fully launched.

The exam blueprint is available at:

The blueprint content is a great match to the Deploy Secure & Analyze (DSA) course, most of which is also covered in the Fast Track (FT) course:


FT =


  1. Hi Scott,
    if I understand you correctly everyone who pass Enterprise Exam will automatically become VCP Master?
    Is there any prediction about date of launching Master VCP

  2. Yes I understand that anyone who passes the Enterprise Admin exam will get this certification - hopefully that will include me as I took it last week!

    The launch date has yet to be announced, I'd expect it to be after the VCP on vSphere is announced.

  3. Has there been any update to this? I took the Enterprise Admin Exam a few days ago but haven't seen anything regarding the Master VCP certification yet...

  4. There's still nothing been announced officially on this. The Certification team at VMware are busy developing the VCDX4 exam components, I hope then that maybe the VCP > VCDX "gap" will get some attention...