Wednesday, 22 April 2009

VCP on vSphere 4

I can now reveal the following information about the VCP on vSphere 4:

Right after the release date of vSphere 4, VMware will invite roughly 200 people to take a beta version of the VCP on vSphere 4 exam. The beta exam will be 3-4 hours long, it will ask questions that may appear in the final exam, and also ask about the experience and expertise of the testers. VMware expect that phase to take 2-3 weeks.

The beta exams will be analyzed to review the quality and value of each individual question, some questions will be removed, and those questions that will make their way into the final exam will have their weighting determined. VMware expect that process to take about 2 weeks.

VMware will then form the final exam, then Pearson Vue will need a couple of weeks to implement and distribute the final exam.

All in, the VCP on vSphere will be available to take within 6-8 weeks of the product release.

VMware have asked me if I'd like to help develop content for the beta exam, and if that doesn't happen than I've agreed to be a beta tester for the exam.

I should have news in the next couple of days as to when the official training for vSphere should be available.


  1. What sort of news were you looking for?

    This post has the latest info I have on the new VCP:

    And this post has the latest information on the new courses:

  2. Wondering if they ever released official guide for this exam. I don't see on their website.

  3. Hi Alok, I'm not sure what kind of guide you are looking for? VMware publish all the necessary information on their website - the exam blueprint, the documentation, evaluation software. There are many other useful resources for VCP4 on blog sites etc - go to the VCP4 tab at the top of this page then click on the "Studying for VCP4" link. Scott.