Friday, 1 May 2009

Result for Enterprise Admin Exam

As per earlier posts, the Enterprise Admin exam is currently Step 2 of the VCDX certification, and at some point it will form the second portion of the "Master VCP" certification.

I took the exam on April 17th, and have been waiting for my result, well yesterday I got it.... and I passed!

I received an email with my score report attached as a .pdf. There's no breakdown of any kind on the score report, just your score and the overall result.

The minimum score is 100, the maximum is 500, and the passing score is 300 - I scored 382 which I'm really happy with!


  1. Well done on passing :)

  2. How can the minimum score be 100? Does that mean even if you answer all questions and labs wrong, you still get at least a 100 points?

    Or do you get 100 "free" points, so you only need to get 200 to pass (for cumulative total of 300).... I don't get what "miminum score 100" means, can you break it down for me?


  3. The scoring is odd, I'll give you that one!

    I've published here as much as I can on how the scoring works.. I think you're pretty much right in your assumptions :-)