Tuesday, 31 March 2009

VCP on vSphere

VMware have yet to formally announce the details of the new VCP for the vSphere (4.0) version of VMware Infrastructure, but I do have some information about it that I can share:

1. There will definitely be a VCP for vSphere (hardly news I know!)
2. It will be available very shortly after the GA date
3. Training on vSphere will also be available shortly after GA, from Global Knowledge of course!
4. There will be training courses for those who already know VI3, those who are new to VMware, and specific courses on some of the bigger areas of the technology
5. There will be numerous paths to obtain the VCP on vSphere

On that last point, VMware will treat each individual as having one of a number of current states, and that individual's upgrade path will depend on their state. So if you're already a VCP on VI3, your path will be different from someone who isn't. If you've attended an official training course on VI3 but you never passed the exam, you will have a path to follow.

I can't tell you exactly what those paths will be, I have seen them but I'm under NDA, and I don't want to lose my VCP or VCI status! I'll publish the info as soon as I'm allowed.


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