Tuesday, 17 March 2009

VMware Products in 2009

The software engineers at VMware must be working overtime at the minute, and will be for most of the year if you look at the products and components they've got coming out in 2009....

1. Fault Tolerance - live protection for a VM with near-instant failover:

2. VMsafe - framework for security product vendors to develop solutions for VMware Infrastructure:

3. vNetwork Distributed Switch - centralised configuration of virtual networking across multiple ESX hosts:

4. vShield Zones - monitor and control VM network traffic:

5. CapacityIQ - analyzer of current and future resource utilization:

6. Data Recovery - disk-based VM backup and restore:

7. ConfigControl - framework for system compliance monitoring:

8. Orchestrator - workflow automation:

9. Chargeback - cost analysis, monitoring and reporting:

10. AppSpeed - application visibility for SLA compliance and performance issue resolution:

Some of the above will be included with vSphere, others will be available (and possibly licensed) separetly. You'll also notice the vCenter branding on many of the above components too.

I attended sessions on some of the above at VMworld Europe, and also spoke to some of the VMware guys on their stand about them.



  1. hello sir,

    i am thinking to join the training for vmware. i have some knowledge about ths.but thinking about the future about this product. can you advise me.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I'm not sure exactly what you want to know. I get emails all the time from people asking me how to get into a VMware-related job - the tough thing is that experience counts for so much. I would aim to get involved in a vSphere project, or take a job that involves vSphere administration. The VCP4 certification will also help, it is recognized almost as a standard in relation to virtualization in the market.

    I hope that is the sort of thing you wanted to know about.

    Best of luck,