Monday, 16 March 2009

What's New in our Labs?


I had some time last week to have a look at the What's New course (see older posts) in more detail, specifically the labs (the first bit of any course that I prep). As a VATC, Global Knowledge were recently sent the VMware lab setup guide by the VMware Education team, which documents how they've built their own training labs in the US.

Some VATCs hire training labs, and some (like us) host our own. It gives us a lot of freedom in terms of hardware spec and control, but we also have to interpret the VMware lab setups and translate them onto our own kit. Thankfully this process is now done, so my pal Mark Elliott can now come up with a setup and cleardown process which works for him - Mark sets up and supports our labs.

The best bit is that our hardware is compatible with ALL the new features in the vSphere product range, even the Distributed Power Management (DPM) and Fault Tolerance (FT) features! Both these features have their own hardware dependencies, and our labs tick the necessary boxes! I know that even VMware's labs are going to struggle to support FT, so for us to be able to deliver a lab on FT from Day 1 is excellent!

I've still got load of content from VMworld Europe to put up here too, so there may well be more updates later this week.

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