Tuesday, 8 February 2011

New Desktop Certifications

I knew this line of certifications was going to be launched in this quarter, but they've now been officially announced, VMware have launched a new range of certifications centred around vSphere 4.x and View 4.5:

VMware Certified Associate: Desktop (VCA4-DT)
VMware Certified Professional: Desktop (VCP4-DT)
VMware Certified Advanced Professional: Desktop (VCAP4-DT)

The current state of play is that registration is open for the beta VCA4-DT exam, and the beta exam blueprint has also been published. A mock exam will also be made available.

VCA4-DT has no compulsory training or certification pre-requisites, although VMware recommend completion of the following to help with preparation for the exam:

VMware View 4.5: Fundamentals - a 4-hour self-paced e-learning course
VMware View 4.5: Install Configure Manage - a 4-day instructor-led course

VCP4-DT and VCAP4-DT will both have certification pre-requisites, for example the VCP4-DT exam will only be available for those already holding the VCP4 certification.

Here are the sections in the current version of the VCA4-DT exam blueprint:

- Monitor VMware View Environment
- Maintain pools and desktop resources
- Manage ThinApp entitlements
- Support and Troubleshooting
- End User Support
- Component features and functions

It remains to be seen if VMware will announce further specialist certifications...

UPDATE: February 11th
A quote from Yves Sandfort who took the VCA4-DT beta exam: "I even tried the Beta Exam today, a few surprises but I think should be achievable by anybody attending View ICM and ThinApp courses... Wouldn't suggest to try without..."

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