Friday, 18 February 2011

Half-marathon - Done!

I blogged recently about me running my first ever half-marathon with some colleagues from Global Knowledge, for a special little girl called Evie who requires surgery in the USA - well we completed the run on Sunday 13th February! There were 10 of us who started, we all finished - I finished in a group of 5 with a time of 2:32:43 - I'm really glad I did it on a personal level as well as it being for an excellent cause.

We have raised a really large some of money from donations, and Global Knowledge agreed to double every single penny raised - this is going to make a massive difference to Evie and give her the chance to live the best life she can - I know some of the donations came from some of you who read this blog so a big thankyou to everyone who did donate!

If you haven't donated yet and wish to, it's not too late, follow this link and you can find out more about Evie too:

Global Knowledge also issued a press release to highlight the reason for the run:

Next up for me are a series of 10k runs, and a 140-foot abseil down the side of a rather tall building!

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