Tuesday, 19 January 2010

First VCDX4 signs

I was sent a survey by VMware last week asking me for my opinions on the vSphere Enterprise Administration exam that will form part of the VCDX4 certification. I completed the survey as requested, and it definitely gives an insight into the content that will form the exam when it is released. The basis for the exam blueprint is clear from the various topics asked about in the survey. Jon Hall from VMware also created a post on the VCP community forum about the survey

I also listened to a 5-month old VMware Communties Roundtable recording (right-click to save the MP3) this week where Jon Hall was asked questions about VCDX4 (as well as VCP4 but that's all old news now). One of the things that Jon said that I hadn't heard before is that VCDX3 holders will only need to pass the vSphere Design exam in order to "upgrade" their certifications to VCDX4. Jon also said that the Enterprise Administration exam for vSphere would be available around now, I can't imagine we're that far away from seeing it - a few weeks perhaps.


  1. Scott,

    I completed the same survey last night. My thought is that the content pool of the exam may already be set and that the survey will be used to balance the number of questions on different topics and possibly the weighting given to the answers.


  2. Since they are just wrapping up the bluepriting process it will be a while longer before we see a publically available exam. They'll still need to write the questions, do a private beta and based on that, select the final pool of questions and set the standard for the minimally qualified candidate. I wouldn't expect to see it publically available until Q2.

  3. @Michael and Andrew, I know the exam has been in development for many weeks now, so at least some of the questions may well have already been written. I got the equivalent VCP4 exam survey not long before the beta exam became available, hence I would expect the same to happen for this exam too. I would hope that we will see the exam soon, at least in a beta form, there are many that have already done VCP4 that would like to know what can be next for them.

  4. thanks for posting. I'm planning to take Admin 3.5 exam. When Admin 4 is released, will Admin 3.5 be _immediately_ EOL or will there be an overlapping period like VCP4/VCP3

    Iwan Ang

  5. "I don't know" is the honest answer. We do know that the VCP3 exam will only be available until the end of March, quite what VMware will decide to do with the Ent Admin 3 exam I'm not sure - I personally doubt it would go EOL straight away...