Thursday, 21 January 2010

Scott Drummonds behind new vSphere performance course

I've just discovered today that Scott Drummonds from the Performance Marketing team at VMware is the man to thank for the new vSphere: Manage for Performance course which is released shortly. Scott created a new post on his Pivot Point site referring to the course, I've been aware of the course for a while now - I posted this blog entry about it 2 weeks ago (the first time I was allowed to discuss it in public), and it's already listed on my Think Virtually web site (under Training > vSphere Courses) and on the Global Knowledge VMware page (code VSMP).

Scott says that he approached the Education Services team at VMware to design and develop this new course. His day job is around troubleshooting performance issues for VMware customers, and he also works with other members of his team in producing various performance benchmarks and analysis as found on the VMware VROOM! blog, and regularly presents at VMWorld and other events worldwide.

I was already looking forward to delivering this new course, I'm looking forward to it even more now I know that Scott is heavily involved along with other members in his team, I think it gives the course great credibility. I'm attending a VCI-only version of the course in early-March, ready for the full release of the course. Global Knowledge UK already have a number of scheduled dates for this course around the UK.

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  1. I've seen the training manual of this course when I was in the Frimley office and I must say, this is a training every self-respecting administrator and consultant must follow.