Monday, 20 February 2012

VCAP5-DCD - now in beta!

A week or so ago VMware emailed all the current VCAP4-DCD holders inviting them to book their beta version of the VCAP5-DCD exam - this is the first sign of any of the advanced-level certifications for vSphere 5.

The invitation email also included the beta version of the exam blueprint, unless VMware change things drastically between the beta and final versions of the exam it looks as though the format, scoring and objectives remain the same as they were for VCAP4-DCD - although the exam content will have been updated for vSphere 5 of course!

The beta period runs for the next couple of weeks, it's normally then a 4-6 week period til the final version of the exam becomes available. There's no news as yet to report about VCAP5-DCA before anyone asks!

As and when I find them, I'll add links below with the experiences of those who take the exam:

Mike Brown
Jason Boche
Dave Convery
Tom Fojta


  1. hi scott, any idea when will the official class for vmware design for vsphere 5 be announced


  2. The Design Workshop for vSphere 5 has been available for a few weeks now:

  3. This was a good idea and I hope they continue it as policy going forward, but the timing was horrible. Many of us had already taken VCP5 before this policy or the DCD5 beta were announced. There was no way to pass DCD prior to the deadline for VCP4-5 upgrades with an exam only.