Wednesday, 15 February 2012

New certification: VCP5-DT

VMware have now released the VMware Certified Professional - Desktop certification for vSphere 5 and View 5, shortened to VCP5-DT. The exam is aimed at those who are responsible for deploying, administering, and managing View 5 on top of vSphere 5.

There is no formal training requirement for View 5 to qualify for VCP5-DT, the View 5: Install Configure Manage course will be a big help, but you must hold VCP5 in order to qualify for VCP5-DT certification - and of course VCP5 does have a vSphere 5 training requirement.

So, if you're starting out with VMware certifications your minimum requirements to VCP5-DT look like this:

Attend vSphere 5 training > Pass VCP5 exam > Pass VCP5-DT exam

If you already have your VCP5 certification you will only need to pass the VCP5-DT exam. If you are a VCP3 or VCP4 you will need to gain VCP5 and pass the VCP5-DT exam.

VMware have not shortened the path to VCP5-DT for those that already hold VCP4-DT, and it now looks like there will be no VCA5-DT certification at all - VCP5-DT will be the foundation-level certification for View 5.

As usual, VMware have published a number of resources for the VCP5-DT exam - the exam blueprint, mock exam, confirmation of the various training/exam paths - here's the official VCP5-DT page:


  1. It's kind of a bummer they dropped the Associate level certs. It seemed like a smart way to get people on the path to certification without a course requirement, and then later they can do Professional exams after attending a course.

  2. can you suggest me which one is best vmware virtualization training institute in india which also provide placement after training?

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    thank you sir

    1. It's not normal for official training providers (VATCs) to also offer placements. You can use this page to help find a VATC in your area: