Wednesday, 10 November 2010

VCAP-DCD beta exam experiences

This is the week where the VCAP-DCD beta exams are being taken around the world, and I've read various items of feedback in the way of blog posts, comments on the VMware community forum, as well as numerous tweets on Twitter.

Here's a list of the key feedback I've come across so far:
VMware community forum post
Chris Dearden's blog post
Jason Boche's blog post
Jeffrey Wolfanger's blog post
Dave Convery's blog post
Rick Scherer's blog post

Remember that all the above links refer to the beta exam - the final exam should be released in the next 6 weeks or so, once the feedback and responses given during the beta process has been collated and analyzed.

Update on November 11th:
Additional blog posts added above


  1. My VMware VCAP4-DCD BETA Exam Experience ->

  2. Thanks Dave, I've added your entry to the main post :-)

  3. I believe on Monday the VCAP-DCD went public just an FYI.