Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Fancy a free iPad in time for Christmas?

Everybody knows that the must-have gadget of 2010 is the amazing Apple iPad - I've been an iPod Touch user for about a year now, and I'd absolutely love an iPad - almost every competition in the Solutions Exchange at VMworld Europe had an iPad as a prize!

Would you like an iPad too? How's about if it was free? Interested?

Global Knowledge UK are running a promotion that allows you to get yourself a free iPad in time for Christmas! Think of the possibilities:

- Sell it on ebay and keep the money
- Swap it for Take That tickets
- Give it to a loved one to show you care
- Or, best of all, keep it all for yourself!

There are some T's & C's associated with the promotion, take a look at this Global Knowledge iPad Promotion page to find out more.

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