Tuesday, 4 May 2010

VMware webinar on Xtra and advanced-level training and certification

I'm just putting the finishing touches to my latest webinar for Global Knowledge UK, this time the topics covered will be our VMware Xtra "value-added training" offering, and also the latest information on the new advanced-level vSphere training and certifications.

The webinar starts at 11:00am BST (GMT+1) on Friday 14th May, and will be a 45-minute session followed by Q&A. To register follow this link.

During the webinar I will be giving an insight into our VMware Xtra program, a project I have been heavily involved in over the last couple of months, I'll talk about what VMware Xtra is today, where it came from, and also about our plans for the future in that area.

I'm also going to be discussing the imminent launch of the new advanced-level certifications for vSphere 4, and giving an outline of how some of the official higher-level training courses that we offer will help you to prepare to achieve these new certifications.

Update - May 14th
Well the webinar took place today, thanks to all those who joined me for the session. VMware did allow me to say a couple of additional things about their plans for the new vSphere certifications:

1. The official announcement on the three new certifications will be in the next two weeks, before the end of May.
2. The new exams for the new certifications will be lab-based with simulations.
3. The new exams will draw on content from all the advanced-level vSphere courses - as such the topics in the exams will cover Security, Automation, Troubleshooting and Performance.

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  1. Hey Scott. I missed the Webinar. Was there any additional info pertaining to the release of the new tests for vsphere? i.e. Enterprise Administrator Certification, Design Administrator Certification, or VCDX4