Thursday, 27 May 2010

Re-launch of Think Virtually

I've been running my Think Virtually website for about 9 months now, in conjunction with this blog, as a way of organizing the various pieces of information I publish about VMware training courses and the various certifications programs from VMware.

Here's the URL:

I'll be honest, I'd neglected the website a little over the last few months and the content had become a little outdated and stale, so this week I decided to re-vamp the site and add content around the new certifications and latest training courses. I've also given the website a new look and feel which I think is much more vibrant and fresh than it was.

The current content is formed of the following:
  • VCP4 information and resources
  • VCAP4 details
  • VCDX4 outline
  • VCDX3 overview
  • vSphere foundation and advanced courses
  • View and Site Recovery Manager courses
  • Articles on the VMware training labs I use, and ESX/ESXi

Initially I planned on shifting away from this blog and moving towards the website, but I think both serve very different purposes so I will continue to update both. Take a look at the content and tell me what you think - I've got ideas as to what I might want to add in the future but I'm open to suggestions :-)

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