Thursday, 13 August 2009

Review of July 2009 UK vSphere Seminars

I posted an entry here a few weeks ago, letting you that I would be presenting at a series of VMware vSphere 4 seminars around the UK for Global Knowledge.

Here's the Global Knowledge page for the events:

From my perspective, the seminars were hugely rewarding, it was great to get out on the road and talk to lots of people from a wide variety of organizations all with one thing in common - an interest in virtualization and vSphere 4 specifically. We had a mixture of technical and non-technical folk at the seminars, some of whom were existing VMware customers, some were not currently using virtualization or just starting to "dip their toes", some were current customers of Microsoft and Citrix who wanted to hear what VMware and I had to say.

We had a good turnout at the events too, and most importantly for me, I performed live demos of loads of different elements of vSphere 4 which all went without a hitch:

  • VMFS volume grow
  • Hot-add and hot-plug of VM hardware
  • vApps
  • VMotion
  • Storage VMotion
  • Distributed Resource Scheduler, including Distributed Power Management
  • High Availability, including VM Monitoring and Fault Tolerance

If you were an attendee, thanks for coming. If you registered but couldn't make it, thanks for your interest. If you didn't register and wish you had, there is a possibility that we may run more sessions later in the year.

I also recently ran a vSphere webinar, I'm going to post another review of that here shortly. There are plans to make webinars a much more regular thing, and for each session to focus on a specific product area or subject each time.


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  1. I liked the webinar from 31 jul. Thanks again for that!