Thursday, 2 July 2009

vSphere 4 VCP Exam Beta

I had an email in my inbox this morning from the VMware Certification team, inviting me to register and take the beta exam for the VCP on vSphere 4. It listed a number of rules that apply ONLY to the beta exam:

  • You have to answer every item, you cannot return to items
  • You don't get your score when you finish, that comes 6-8 weeks later
  • You get 240 minutes to complete the exam
  • You still have to pay 30% of the regular exam price
  • You only get to take the beta exam once
  • You have until July 17th to take the exam

The rules for the final exam will be the same as they are for the VI3 VCP exam.

Now I've just got to find the time to prepare for it, and take it before the 17th!

UPDATE: The comment from Cody (below) reminded me to link to the exam blueprint:

UPDATE 1: Jon Hall from VMware tells me that the beta exams have been processed, and the results will be sent out to those who took the beta exam by the time the final exam can be taken, which is August 25th!

UPDATE 2: Jon Hall from VMware has now confirmed that the beta results will be sent out by email at the same time as the final exam goes live, so check your Inbox next week if you took the beta exam! Best of luck!

UPDATE 3: Unfortunately I've just heard that the beta exam results will not now be sent out until the week after VMWorld, so scores should be sent out during the week of September 7th. If you're attending VMWorld, it is worth popping by the testing centre and talking to the VMWare and PearsonVUE staff there though....


  1. Prepare indeed. I've just recieved my invite as well and am not sure where to even start preparing.

  2. I am taking mine the on the 16th... I am taking the over on the report date being over/under September 15 based upon VCDX experience. I would love VMware to prove me wrong though.

  3. I sent a personal message to Jon and he told me my result :)!

  4. Well done Mark, Jon did say that he was willing to do that in a post on the VMware community forum.